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Happyindia 88 .com: Is This Site Legit? Check All The Essential Details Here!

In this article, we will help you identify the reality of Happyindia 88 .com check out all the facts and figures of the website before investing.

Do you love Sports? Do you love betting on games in various betting apps? Do you believe the betting platform you are using is genuine? To opt for the reality of betting platforms, we need to consider public opinion and the reality of the platform to reduce the chances of fraud.

Everyone wants quick access to earn money by betting on their favourite sports and players. Betting apps have become more addictive and fun for people to play with their Investments. A website from Vietnam, Happyindia 88 .com, is trending in multiple countries, including India.


About Happyindia88

The owner initially created the website to play casino and online betting games on different platforms. Lately, during the FIFA World Cup, 2022, people also started investing in the players and predicting the winning country.

The surprising part about the website was when it showed the company was leading for more than 18 years, but while checking its domain age, it has been performing for one and a half years.

The website was rising globally and getting good responses from investors and players. Recently India is also promoting the company with a different logo for the upcoming IPL matches. However, all the details of Happyindia 88 .com remain the same, including the website developer.

Specification of to identify its legitimacy

  • Dominate age: the company has been performing for the last year and 5 months.
  • Domain creation: 11 July 2021
  • Domain expiry: 11 July 2023
  • Email id: multiple email associates including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, India, Korea and Japan. Indian email:
  • Alexa ranking: 3153080
  • Trust score: 35%
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Customer reviews: available on social platforms but could be more helpful.
  • Play Store rating: unavailable
  • iOS rating: unavailable

Additionally, there is a QR available to download the m88 app, but it is fake. When you scan this QR code, it will redirect you to another application known as Canva.

The reality ofHappyindia 88 .com

Lots of people need clarification about the reality of Eventually, the website contains lots of fake information and details. There is no confirmation that the email address and contact number available on the website are responsive or not. claims that they have applications for both Android and IOS, but there is no such application available. Looking at the multiple fake reports and misguidance, people cannot believe that the platform is real and reliable.


It has good connections on multiple social platforms and few customer reviews that can verify its legitimacy. But we cannot assure you that Happyindia 88 .com is the perfect betting platform.

Therefore we do not suggest you do any money laundering or risk your investment. Play at your own risk.

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Summing up!

HappyIndia88 is a growing betting platform. People across multiple countries are investing and playing through this betting app. Recently India is also promoting betting websites and applications for IPL games.

Do you trust such online betting websites? Comment below. 

Happyindia 88 .com: FAQs

Q1 who is the developer of

CầuGiấy, Hanoi

Q2 Are there any mobile applications available for this website?

No mobile application is available.

Q3 What is the probability of getting scammed on a betting platform?

Every betting application is a bigger risk, and looking at the stats of happy India, it is a risk.

Can we trust the M88 application for investing in IPL games?

There is a major possibility of risk.

Q5 Where is the headquarters of Happyindia 88 .com in India?

Bengaluru Karnataka

Q6 How can we register on the M88 app?

You can visit the website and fill in your details in the applicant form.

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