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Hank Medina LinkedIn: Check Details On Deutsche Bank, And Litquidity

The post describes Hank Medina LinkedIn along with discussing in detail related to information on Hank Medina Deutsche Bank and Hank Medina Litquidity.

Are you too curious to know more about the mysterious Hank Medina? Famous as the “meme-lord” of Wall Street and someone who handles the account of Litquidity, he has grabbed the attention of the netizens. He has earned popularity in countries like Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. This has also sparked online users to search for Hank Medina LinkedIn to gain more insight into his personal and professional life. We also performed in-depth research to learn more about the meme lord who has caught the attention of the audience.

This article elaborates in detail on Hank Medina, along with unearthing facts about his work and other information.

Details About Hank Medina LinkedIn

Details About Hank Medina LinkedIn

Before we explore more about why Hank is grabbing the limelight, let us get a gist about who exactly Hank Medina is. Born as Henry Medina and popularly known as “Hank”, he hails from Miami in the United States. He rose to fame for his social media account, Litquidity. The page came to limelight in 2020 during the pandemic.

Herein, through the page, Hank aired junior Goldman Sachs bankers for about 100-hour work weeks. The person behind it is now identified as Hank Medina Deutsche Bank employee. Upon investigation, we did find out much more information related to the meme lord and why he rose to fame.

The upcoming sections unearth more details about Hank Medina. Thus, we request users to read the entire content till the end.

More Details About Hank Medina Deutsche Bank

More Details About Hank Medina Deutsche Bank

Upon investigation and information shared by Financial Times, Henry describes himself as an observer in an office that is full of loudmouths. As per sources, his social media page Liquidity has approximately 2.2 million followers, including Twitter and Instagram.

On the other hand, Financial Times calls Medina a polite and soft-spoken individual in comparison to Patrick Bateman, the junior analyst’s alter ego.

What does the Social Media Page Include?

What does the Social Media Page Include

Hank Medina Litquidity is a social media handle where he usually shares funny memes. These include satires and memes on finance stereotypes, about the sector, and other relatable material surrounding his industry.

One of the posts that spoke about the SF tech starter pack for investment bankers included a Patagonia-brand sweatshirt and membership to Equinox gym. The posts are not only relatable but also entertaining. In addition, there were many other posts uploaded occasionally that grabbed headlines. These include a slide deck drafted by 13 Goldman Sachn banking analysts in the investment sector.

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Reaction of Netizens

What brought Hank Medina Litquidity page to the limelight is how he got a hands-on confidential deck that is also attributed to fierce competition between Wall Street to keep their junior banking official happy. In an interview, Medina spoke about how his response to Goldman’s presentation brought out his identity.

Herein, he always wanted to maintain his anonymity for not violating any company policies while holding roles at Jeffries and Deustsche.

Who is Hank Medina?

According to sources about Hank Medina Deutsche Bank, Henry went on to launch his career after his graduation and completed it at Cornell University Business School back in 2013. Later on, in 2016, Medina started working with a Connecticut-based equity firm named Wexford Capital. It was only in 2017 that he launched his account named Litquidity.

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Final Conclusion

Through this article, we have detailed the information that we could garner from Hank Medina LinkedIn. It was only in 2020 that the page became more popular when he went on to work for Deutsche Bank in Florida. He is currently working full-time on his social media handlehandle. How did you find this posts informative? To learn more about Hank Medina, click.

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