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{Update} Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182: Who Is Hamish Harding? Also Grab More Details On His Family, Net Worth, And Kids

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Do you want to know about Hamish Harding? Are you eager to learn about Hamish Harding stepson? If so, read the article till the end. News of attending Blink 182 by Harding stepson has been spread across the United States and CanadaPeople are discussing Harding’s stepson.

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What did Harding’s Stepson Do?

Hamish Harding is one of those members who were present in the missing submersible in the Atlantic Ocean. People criticise his stepson, Brian Szasz, for attending Blink-182 even after such terrific news. Therefore, Brian has tried defending himself by admitting he participated in the group concert. He asked questions about what he should have done otherwise. There is a mounting backlash on social media after people got the news that Brian attended the concert after the information about the missing submersible. People are also trying to know about Hamish Harding Family members. Harding has his partner Linda Harding and two children. 

Who is Hamish Harding?

Hamish was born on June 24, 1964. He is a British business tycoon. Apart from being a businessman, he is also a pilot, explorer, and space tourist. He is famous as the founder of Action Group and chairman of Action Aviation. It is an international aircraft brokerage company. It has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Harding was also appointed as a mission director for the One More Orbit flight, which set the record for the fastest circumnavigation of Earth over both geographic poles.

Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182

Harding is one of the five members who went missing on June 18, 2023. Since Hamish has been missing, people criticise his stepson for attending the group concert. Now he is trying to defend himself for attending the concert. Brian stated that his family advised him to participate in the concert as the Blink-182 show is his favourite. He is fascinated by this band and added that music helps him during difficult times. However, he deleted all his posts related to attending his concert. He stated that his mom asked him to delete all the posts. 

People are also eager to know about the Net Worth of Hamish. He built the property worth $ 1 Billion.

Brian About Blink 182

Brian expressed his gratitude to the band. Blink 182 is an American rock band. It was formed in California in 1992. The band consists of bassist Mark, guitarist Tom and drummer Travis. The band started working independently and later agreed with MCA Records. They created many famous albums, including Enema of the State, Take off Your Pants and Jackets. These albums received recognition in the international market. Various songs became hit songs, including All the Small Things, Dammit, etc. 

Child of Hamish

People want to know about Hamish Harding KidsHe has two children. One of those is Brian Szasz. Brian is known for being the stepson of Hamish. He was known as a marketing manager for the music people. He was also going through the diagnosis of Autism. After the news of his Autism surfaced online, people discussed his cerebral health issues. The report also says Brian suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes. Later, he also had retinopathy. Although people are interested, some of his details are not available clearly. He has an excellent physical appearance having brown hair and brown eyes. People are also discussing Hamish Harding Brian Szasz relationship. 

Brian on Social Media

Brian Szasz posted on social media defending the backlash after the news of his stepfather. Brian stated that he was sad to hear the news. But he attended the concert only to get relief from the difficult situation. He could not sit at home, and his family wanted him to participate in the concert. Brian attended the show in San Diego, and he admitted that the show helped him a lot. He tweeted by tagging the Blink members, including Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. Brian said that he was devastated to hear the news of his stepfather. Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182 has been a topic of discussion. But Brian felt some relaxation after attending the concert in San Diego. Brian is a Christian by religion, and he enjoys British nationalism.

How has Hamish Gone Missing?

Hamish went missing after he went on a trip to explore the wreckage in the North Atlantic Ocean on June 18, 2023. He was among the five members who were in the Atlanta submersible. The rescue team is still carrying out the operation. However, no details have been found about the five members. The family members are waiting for the news of the whereabouts of the five members. Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182 has incited controversy, and people are discussing this.

Brian introduced himself as a recording engineer on his Facebook page. He studied at San Diego University. He has said that some creepy reporters are following and stalking him in San Diego. But Szasz also posted the concert on his social media account. He admitted that it would appear a little awkward when he went to attend the show. He also said he was devastated to hear the news of his stepfather. But he participated in the concert to find some relief from grief. He only attended the show for relaxation as music is like medicine. Therefore, Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182 has led to a controversy. But, people could not understand his intention and started criticising him since Hamish was famous. People are well aware of him and his family.

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Hamish is a popular business personality, and people search for him after the news of his missing in the Atlantic Ocean. To know more, please visit the link 

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Hamish Harding Stepson Blink 182FAQs

Q1. Who is the stepson of Hamish?

Brian Szasz.

Q2. Where did Brian go to attend the concert?

San Diego.

Q3. When was Hamish Harding born?

June 24, 1964.

Q4. What cerebral illness did Brian suffer from?


Q5. Who is the mother of Brian?

Linda Harding.

Q6. How many children does Hamish have?


Q7. What was the name of the submersible where Hamish went for a trip?


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