Hakuna Matata Contract Address (June 2021) How To Buy!

Hakuna Matata Contract Address (June 2021) How To Buy!

Hakuna Matata Contract Address (June 2021) How To Buy! >> This article is about a business investment opportunity for you. We will talk about a cryptocurrency token that also does charity in detail.

Have you heard about the cryptocurrency token that gives up to 13% passive income to its investors? No?

We will tell you the Hakuna Matata Contract Address and other features of $TATA in this article. People Worldwide are monitoring Hakuna Matata as it has a lot of growth potential. 

We have seen the cryptocurrency market’s downfall recently. We ask you to be aware of the market risks, and please do not invest more money than you can lose. 

About Hakuna Matata ($TATA)

Hakuna Matata or $TATA is a cryptosystem bazaar based on the Binance Smart Chain. The token buyers and traders can do transactions based on long-term abstract and worthy views on the Hakuna Matata cryptocurrency. 

Later in this article, we will tell you about the Hakuna Matata Contract Address and its price, so read this article till the end.

According to Hakuna Matata’s official website, each of the $TATA token holders gets an additional 13% of passive income for holding. The company says that their idea behind the crypto token is to overcome the gap between cryptocurrency and charity and expand the market for more charitable donations. 

About Hakuna Matata’s Founders

The Head of Coin and Website Development for Hakuna Matata is Ahmad Yamout, head of Marketing and Social Media is Zaid Ahmed, and Gino Firaza is the Project and Marketing Strategist. 

Let us now take a look at the Hakuna Matata Contract Address and other details.

Hakuna Matata Token’s Price, Supply, and Contract Address

  • The contract address of $TATA is 0x355389292D8c963719FDaF0651f7846D6c504448.
  • The current price of Hakuna Matata crypto is $0.0000000217. It is almost 25% below yesterday.
  • The market cap of $TATA is $9,746,215, Fully Diluted Market Cap is $21,559,885. And the volume is $725,094.
  • The maximum supply for Hakuna Matata token is 1,000,000,000,000,000 TATA.
  • The token is ranking under the top 900 crypto tokens at the moment.

How to Buy Hakuna Matata Crypto?

  1. Download Trust Wallet or any of your preferred Crypto Trading app (Remember to keep the Hakuna Matata Contract Address handy).
  2. Buy BNB or the BSC crypto tokens on an exchange like the Binance or Coinbase. 
  3. Take out the Binance token into the Trust Wallet. Go to Smart Chain, and receive. 
  4. Copy your wallet address. Now go back to the Binance app and paste the copied address back in the Recipient’s BNB address. Next, transfer it into your Trust Wallet. 
  5. Click on the ‘Pancakeswap’ in your Trust Wallet app or on the web browser. Enter the amount you want to convert into $TATA from BNB. 
  6. In currency field, paste0x355389292D8c963719FDaF0651f7846D6c504448.
  7. Click on Swap.


  • Is Hakuna Matata Contract Address available on the official website?

Answer – Yes, the contract address and other vital information are present on the website.

  • If Hakuna Matata crypto is a charity token, have they donated yet?

Answer – Yes. Hakuna Matata token has donated over 10,000 USD to the “Water for Mozambique” use case. They also have other donations planned. Visit the official website


In this article was saw about one of the most rewarding charity cryptocurrency tokens. The token’s price might have dropped, but now is the best time to invest in it as the experts say the price will be going up again.  

We told you about the price, statistics, and the Hakuna Matata Contract Address. To know more about – How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer? Read here

Which cryptocurrency do you invest in it? Comment down below.

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