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Haitaconline. Com: Check Features And Legitimacy Of The Site

We bring to you detailed facts about Haitaconline. com to know its features, services, and legitimacy.

Are you looking to import OnePiece games on PC, iOS, and Android devices in Vietnam? However, official versions of OnePiece on all platforms have limited rewards and seasonal championships. So, did you come across Haitaconline.com offering OnePiece installation package with exclusive rewards and tournaments? Let’s check about Haitaconline. com.

About Haitaconline. com:

Haitaconline.com is young website offering 2D Online Role-playing Game with OnePiece Storyline. Haitaconline.com hosted links to import its MOD OnePiece game for Windows and Android devices. Haitaconline.com has been preparing content and technical support articles for its website and Facebook pages since July/2023.

Its OnePiece iOS version is under testing by users on TestFlight iOS emulator. Similarly, Fan Cung/Alpha Test/Chinh Thuc Khai Mo were offered for testing on 27th/September/2023, 30th/September/2023, and 6th/October/2023, respectively. Qua Tang Fan Cung will be offered for testing on 15th/October/2023. It offered various files for importing via mediafire.com.

The Features of Haitac online.com:

Haitaconline.com relays its services using server serial# 079e492886376fd40848c23fc631e463 and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting vivienne.ns.cloudflare.com( and wilson.ns.cloudflare.com( located in USA and Japan respectively.

Haitaconline.com is registered with Mat Bao Corporation. CloudFlare Inc., from Britain, is its ISP. Haitaconline.com has zero backlinks. Tranco traffic rank of Haitaconline.com is poor. 

Haitaconline.com had 6.7K visitors to date. Hence, its traffic engagement has increased 1463% since its launch. Haitaconline.com has an average visit duration of 00:15:32 for an average of 7.07 visited pages. Haitaconline.com demographically targets customers from Vietnam. 100% of its traffic comes from its Facebook pages.

Pros of Haitac online.com:

Haitaconline.com offered increase in HPs/attacks in Vua hải tặc, Tứ hoàng, Thất vũ hải, Siêu tân tinh, Tài phiệtĐại gia, and Hải tặc games.

More leverage to gamers looking for free stands and in-game currencies

Tai Phien Ban will be launched by Haitaconline.com on Google Play Store soon


Haitaconline.com did not include its mission statement/terms/policies/owner’s identity, Etc.

The website did not mention customer service email/contact number/physical address, Etc.

Links to import OnePiece for PC and Android devices display blank page

The Legitimacy of Haitaconline. com:

Haitaconline.com gained an average of 82%↑ trust, poor 47.6%↓ business, 38%↑ suspicion, 29%↑ threat, 27%↑ phishing, 29%↑ malware, and 1%↓ spam scores, poor 3,057,259↓ Alexa rank, and terrible 1/100↓ Domain Authority(DA). 

Haitaconline.com was registered 28th/March/2023. It is 6-months and 12-day-old website. Haitaconline.com was last updated 17-days ago, on 23rd/September/2023, suggesting business continuity. Haitaconline.com has long life expectancy as its registration will expire within 1-year, 5-months, and 19-days on 28th/March/2025.

Haitaconline.com is not blacklisted and uses valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) issued by Let’s Encrypt for next 74-days.

Customer reviews of Haitaconline. com:

Five websites, two TikTok, and one YouTube review of Haitaconline.com were positive. Thirty-nine Facebook reviews rated it at 4.8/5 stars. Haitaconline.com does not support user reviews on its platform. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as no individual reviews were found on customer review websites.

Social media links:

  • Haitaconline.com’s Facebook pages tag its posts/offers/videos/blogs/images as #haitaconline and #hto. 
  • Haitaconline.com offered diamonds to Alpha Testers, promotional offers, developmental updates, and in-game stands.
  • Its FB pages included GiftCode – bq8vmqry, offered 1000 Diamonds, 5,000,000 Beli, and 5 protection stones to attract more gamers.
  • Haitaconline’s Facebook account has 36K+ followers.
  • Haitaconline_Facebook
  • Fan_Page


Though Haitaconline. com gained an average trust score, it offers to import game installation packages via cloud storage, user has to install other apps to support gameplay, user has to make risky modifications on their devices to let game run. Click here to learn about credit card scams, as considerable suspicion, threat, malware, phishing, and poor business scores suggest Haitaconline.com seems highly-risky and potential scam.

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