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{Full Watch} Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video Leaked On Twitter: Check What Is In The Video

This article is about the Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video Leaked On Twitter and other important details related to the video. Read more on this topic.

Do you want to know about Gulshan E Hadeed School? Are you eager to learn about their leaked video? The Gulshan E Hadeed school video has been viral across Pakistan.

To know about the Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video Leaked on Twitteryou should read the article till the end.

What is in the Gulshan E Hadeed School Video?

A video of Gulshan E Hadeed school has been viral across the internet. The video contains some grownup content involving the female teachers of the school. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) has informed about the incident. The principal of the school has been accused of making the video. The accused used the female teachers and other candidates who came for the interview. More than 25 obscene videos have been recovered from the mobile of the accused principal. Four ladies were seen in the Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal videos, shot at different periods.

About the Investigation of the Police

People are inquiring about the report of the investigation of the incident. SSP Malir has been trying hard to give the details about the findings. However, the investigation continues, and police are trying to collect more information regarding this video. According to the SSP report, Ali, Kashif, and Shakeel have been accused of the incident. One of these three accused persons disclosed one of the explicit videos, which became viral on various social media platforms. Three accused persons accessed the cameras and tried to blackmail the victims. 

Viral on Tiktok

The scandalous viral video has gained traction on many social media platforms. It has received millions of views on TikTok and many other platforms. People are trying to get access to the video. However, many social media platforms have removed the video due to containing grownup content. It has been reported that a Putative principal known as Irfan Ghafoor Memon was also accused of assaulting teaching staff members.

The people are demanding capital punishment for the offenders. One of the accused persons stated that he was ashamed of his act. The education minister ordered to close the school until the end of the investigation. The video is also viral on InstagramPeople are passing various comments related to the video. Different people claim different things after watching the video. Some people still need access to the video as many platforms have removed the video.

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Link to the Video

Many websites have shared the link to the video. But the people are very careful about clicking the video. Most of the websites could be more trustworthy. Therefore, people are trying to find the direct video instead of the link to the video. Because most websites try to scam people, some websites also share the Youtube link to the video.

What is the Order of the Authority?

Police are investigating the matter and trying to find more reliable information about the scandalous video. The higher authority has also ordered to close the school until the completion of the investigation. The Directorate of Private Institutions has also called the seal of the school. It has been reported that the school has not been registered. People are trying to know the victims. But there are not many details about the victims. The parents of the students are also worried about their children’s future. 


The viral video of Gulshan E Hadeed school has grabbed people’s attention. Social media users are talking about the video. The video has also gone viral on TelegramTo know more, please visit the link.

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