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Guillaume Bats Com: Who Is Jeremy Ferrari? Explore Guillaume Twitter, And Instagram Account Details

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It was shocking news to all the fans of Guillaume Batreau as he passed away at an early age. Guillaume Batreau was a popular actor, lecturer, and humorist from France. He had worked with Jeremy Ferrari, a radio and television presenter and a comedian. 

Did you know about the early life of Guillaume Batreau? It’s a story about making people smile while countering loneliness. Let’s check about Guillaume Bats com.


About Guillaume Bats .com: is the actual official website of Guillaume Bats. The website shocked his fans as the notice about his death was published on 2nd/June/2023 to make everyone aware. 

Guillaume Bats was found dead in his house on 1st/July/2023. His absence worried Jeremy Ferrari. Jeremy’s crew tried contacting Guillaume extensively but did not receive any response. 

Guillaume’s relatives and friends were notified about his death at the age of 36-years, 1-month, and 20-days. The cause of Guillaume’s death remained undetermined.

The early life of Guillaume Batreau:

The story about his early life is saddening as he was not with his family and parent. On Instagram, Guillaume had 42.1K followers and 775 posts. 

Guillaume was born with an ostéogenèse parfait, also known as glass bone disease, due to which bones are venerable to breaking easily, causing mild to severe fractures. Guillaume’s face was disfigured. He had a twin brother who was born without any complications.

His parents placed Guillaume at the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs, so he grew up from nursery up to the age of 4-years and saw his mother only at the age of 15-years. Guillaume had 26.6K followers on Twitter.

He went to an orphanage after spending 4-year at the nursery and used to spend weekends with foster family. For the next two years, at the age of 7, he spent full time with them. However, he considered the family unloving.

Later, he was welcomed by an old lady who already had grown-up children. Guillaume found the love of a family after a long time and considered the lady as his heart mother and considered her children as his uncle and aunts.

Moving on in life:

After the little boy grew up facing all the odds of life, Guillaume Bats com completed his bachelor’s degree from Sorbonne-New University. His interest in acting made him perform on stage for approximately 12-years at MJC Youth and cultural centre at Montmirail. 

As a grown-up person, Guillaume did not look back and brought smiles to the faces of thousands of people. During his performance at L’Adoption pour les nuls, he made fun of his own special-abilities and obtained a 100% score. The show was from Jérémy Ferrari, and hence, they got familiar. Later, he worked with Jeremy Ferrari in several shows.

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There are no words to justify about a toddle spending 4-years of his early life without the love of his family. Though he spent time with his foster family, he did not receive the love and affection an innocent kid would have desired. Obviously, he couldn’t have spent his entire life with his heart mother. The ups-and-downs in life empowered him to move on in life.

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Guillaume Bats com – FAQ

1Q. How many shows did Guillaume perform?

Guillaume appeared in 16 TV shows from 2011 until 2023.

2Q. How many one-man shows did Guillaume perform?

Mind Your Head (2013-2014), and 

Out Of Frame(2017-2019) 

3Q. What is the DoB of Guillaume?


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