Guf-Token 2021.

Guf Token (July) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

Guf Token (July) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address >> Get the knowledge and primary key information about the new altcoin, which has recently started to trade in the crypto-currency market.

Ever came across a digital coin name Guf or goes up Faster Coin? Might be! But a lot of you must be unaware of this altcoin.

Guf Token has been in the mind of a few crypto investors across Nigeria. However, many investors of various countries might be interested in knowing about this coin.

So, here’s the brief illustration showing readers the basics of this token, including its price and data highlights.

What is Guf Crypto Coin?

This coin is an elastic supply Coin that got forked from the Guf Coin. The Token is generally called as goes up Faster Coin. The Coin gives a guarantee mathematically to raise its value until it crosses the value of bitcoin.

The Guf Token is being boosted up at a higher rate and increases by twenty percent every four hours. This coin got launched on the 5th of July 2021 and can be bought from pancake swap.

The coin contract is being audited by two security companies, namely Ground finance and Techrate group. They run on blockchain and works for this Guf Coin.

About Guf Token Founders:

While exploring the founder’s name of this coin, we saw that the Coin official website displays the name of its team member Pierre Bouvier. In addition, you may visit the token website and get to know about the team member’s name and its information on LinkedIn.

Let’s see other vital points of this token!

Guf Token Price Chart:

Today this token cost $0.093716, and it’s risen by one hundred and sixty-five percent in the past day. The market cap of the currency is unknown. The twenty-four-hour volume of the Coin is $2.05M

Guf Data Highlights:

  • Guf price: $0.093657
  • Market Capital: not available 
  • Twenty-four hours Trading volume: $2.05M
  • Twenty-four hours transparent volume: $2.05M
  • Circulating supply: unknown 
  • 7D price prediction: unknown 

Guf Coin Statistics:

  • Price of Guf Coin: $0.0.094453
  • Price change: $0.059123
  • All-time high: $0.0944
  • Volume: $2,061,309
  • Volume change of Guf Token: $1,528,936

More Information About Goes Up Faster Token:

  • Currency name: Goes up Faster
  • Contract address: Goes Up Faster’s smart contract address is 0x86be1014c30a7046454f686ba088898b457d96e3.
  • Symbol: GUF

Where to Buy Guf Crypto Coin (Token)

So, if you want to get this coin for you can get it from pancake swap.

Visit the link below to acquire this token!

Buy Guf


  1. What’s the full name of Guf Coin?

Ans. The full name of Guf Coin is going up Faster.

  1. What’s the recent price of Go Up Faster Coin?

Ans. The value of one goes up Faster Token is $0.055483 currently 

  1. How much does one Guf Token Worth?

Ans. In the past twenty-four hours, this coin worth 33.55% extra.

  1. When did this token started?

Ans. The newest trading data of this token is mentioned as of July 2021.

  1. How high will this token go in value?

Ans. The Token has gone high as $0.083725. It has received this value in the last seven hours 

  1. What is the smart contract address of this coin?

Ans. Goes Up Faster’s smart contract address is 0x86be1014c30a7046454f686ba088898b457d96e3.


That’s what we found out exploring the matters present about the Guf Token

Being a new coin, the currency needs people’s attention to get known as a good altcoin aiming to cross the worth of bitcoin and you need to find best apps for cryptocurrency trading.

Also, if investors are interested in getting this token, visit the pancake swap platform to have it!

Do you have any views about this token to share with us? Do let us know below. 

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  1. Nice sharing this…

    But I’ve been struggling to buy this token all through last night, up till now. It’s not working on Pancakeswap.

    Please what could be the next thing?


    1. Hello Clin! Hope that you and your known are safe in this pandemic time and taking good care of your health. As we have mentioned various details in our write-up for readers to understand this toke, in the continuation, you can check for further assistance. Else you could contact some agent who deals with tokens. Have a nice day!

    1. Hello Adusco, Oh it is a concern that should be checked upon by a good financial advisor. If there is someone who can really help is some good financial advisor who deals with tokens regularly. Hopefully you would get response to it. Stay safe.

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