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Gretchen Harrington Parents: How Gretchen Harrington Find a Grave? Is Arrest Made for Murder? What Details Shared on Podcast? Check Family, Reddit Updates, Obituary & Wikipedia Details Here!

In the article below, you will find about the unsolved murder mystery case and what Gretchen Harrington Parents say about their loss.

Have you heard about the retired pastor found guilty in charge of murder? What is the complete story of the Gretchen Harrington murder case? How did the murder mystery come to a resolution after 50 years? After 50 years of crime, the retired pastor finally got to suffer for his crime in prison. 

People of the United States were shocked when the judges commented that Zandstra is one of the worst nightmares for many people in the United States. However, at last, the pastor at bible school agreed to the crime and held himself for valid charges. Therefore let’s find out what Gretchen Harrington Parents have to say about justice.

Reality of Case

The incident occurred in August 1975 when a young teenage girl Gretchen was brutally assaulted and killed by David Zandstra. When people find out about the incident on Reddit, they get shocked and try to get more clarity on the case. It is very hard to believe that a criminal charge for the first, second and third-degree Murder cases was free for the last 50 years. 

Recently in an investigation, when Zendstra was confronted about the physical assault, he agreed to the charges of the past. Now people are looking for the Obituary detail of Gretchen. Additionally, people are grieving and sharing their condolences on losing the innocent girl.

Wikipedia Details of Gretchen Harrington 

Full Name Gretchen Harrington Punjabi
Age 8 years old
Date of Death 17 July 1975
Nationality American
Parents  Harold Harrington and Mrs. Harrington 

The murder mystery of Gretchen is now clearly available in Podcast, where the podcasters are trying to contact the family of the victim to share their thoughts on the case. However, the judicial team shared their opinion on the case with the police authority, but there is no word from the victim’s Family.

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Suspect being charged in 1975 murder of 8-year-old Delco girl Gretchen Harrington
by u/Nutella_Flyers in UnsolvedMysteries


Final Verdict

The 50-year-old murder case concluded when an ex-pastor was found guilty of killing a minor girl. Police Arrest the criminal and serve justice as said by the officials. Justice has always had an outcome no matter how long it takes, but it serves the truth. 

What is your opinion about David Zandstra? Comment below. 

Gretchen Harrington Parents: FAQs

Q1 What is the current age of David Zandstra?

Currently, David is 83 years old.

Q2 Where was the bible school of Trinity located?

The school was at the first Block of Lawrence Road at the Trinity Chapel Christian Reformed Church.

Q3 What did Zandstra do with the victim girl?

He kidnapped the girl, assaulted her physically until she died, and buried her under the ground.

Q4 Are there any other allegations held against Zandstra?

He was held for murder, kidnapping and physical assault of the minor. 

Q5 Where did Gretchen Harrington Find a Grave

Harrington’s remains were found in the nearby park on 14 October 1975.

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