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Greenmoon Coin (Oct 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you want to invest in Greenmoon Coin to availing future benefits? Then, let us reveal more facts about the token throughout the post.

Would you please help us to detect a token whose income increases by implementing a deflation mechanism? Then read this post carefully for in-depth details. 

Many cryptocurrencies apply different tactics to increase their value amongst the other competitors. As a result, the online traders will start trading with them, benefiting both the users and developers. But most United States people are earning profit through destroyed tokens, increasing its value. 

So, we have decided to evaluate the Greenmoon Coin, which applies the same trick to grow its price. Kindly check the full details of the token here. 

What is GRM?

It is a token that is easily accessible for everyone allowing the users to adapt the flexible transaction method for better revenue. Moreover, Green Moon increases the token’s price upon manipulating the chart, which will help you to capture a stable income while granting the token. 

However, the investment will be secured by the liquidity pool by combining the Greenmoon Coin live price. The flexible money supply mechanism lessens the total supply, increasing its market value. 

Founder and Team Details

Upon researching the token, we have not detected its owner or team’s name. Thus, let us gather more facts about the token. 

Mechanism of GRM

The Green Moon coin possesses a unique mechanism, unlike other tokens, despite following the same protocol. The reports have revealed that the contract claims that the minimum price will contrast before extending the threshold. 

Moreover, after the usage of the first supply, this process will continue automatically. Therefore, Greenmoon Coin will start with an initial price of $0.0000000001, which will increase hourly. 

As per the calculator, the token price will increase by USD 21,000,000 per token, benefitting the community. 

Green Moon’s Working Protocol

The Green Moon utilizes the adjustable transaction method to reduce the money’s total supply. As a result, the currency’s market value will increase, implying that the real GRM currency will decrease from the user’s wallet. However, the market value of each currency will increase over time. 

Live Price of Greenmoon Coin

For today, its live price is $0.0002021; however, the 24-hour volume of GRM is $1,467,398. In addition, the token’s circulating supply is not available at present. 

Now we will identify the statistical information for this token. Religiously read this section for in-depth details. 

Total Supply and Other Statistical Details 

  • The market rank of GRM is #2932.
  • Token’s circulating supply is unavailable.
  • The all-time low of this token is $0.00000001.
  • The 24-hour volume of the Green Moon coin is $1,467,398.
  • Its market cap is not available.
  • The seven-day high of Greenmoon Coin is $0.0001904.
  • The fully diluted market cap is not accessible.
  • Token’s seven-day low is $0.00000001.
  • GRM’s all-time high is $0.0001904.

How to Buy GRM?

The preferred exchange platform for this token is PancakeSwap (V2).


Q1. What is the Official Website of GRM?

A1. GRM’s official website is https://www.greenmoontoken.com.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of Green Moon?

A2. 0x7472E4F397E46eB371Fe4C8E078CFDa46D72415F is the token’s contract address. Visit here for more details about this crypto

Closing Thoughts 

Post on Greenmoon Coin has evaluated the in-depth of the token, including its live price. Moreover, the token’s mechanism and working protocol are explained thoroughly in this write-up. 

We have also evaluated the live price and the other statistical data of the token in this article. Upon researching, we have found that PancakeSwap (V2) is the top exchange platform for this token. 

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What do you think of this token? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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