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Have you heard about the accident on the Great River Bridge? Recent news about the Great River Bridge incident is flooding all over the internet and on the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Citizens from the United States and all over the world are seeing and listening to the incident that happened on the Great River Bridge Accident Today, and they want to know all about the incident. If you are also curious and want to know the same, then stay with this article to gain the information.


What happened on the Great River Bridge?

According to the police officer of Illinois State, the accident included 2 Construction workers. They both were killed at the Great River Bridge. The two workers were Pearson J. Franklin, who was 20 years old, and Andrew Whitcomb, 35. The culprit of the accident was Emily Johnson, who is 21 years old. The Ambulance took the construction workers to the hospital, but then they were pronounced dead.

How did the Great River Bridge Accident Today Take place?

On Tuesday, at 8 am, construction workers were working on the Great River Bridge. Both were walking behind the stationary pickup trailer and truck. Workers were setting the construction barrels for the work zone, and constructor activated the truck’s yellow lights. Suddenly, Emily Johnson, hit the construction barrels and the workers with her 2016 Mazda CX5. Hence, due to this strike by the car, both workers got fatal injuries. Police immediately transported them to the nearest hospital, however doctors pronounced them dead.

Information about the Construction workers and when Police reached the Great River Bridge Accident Today

According to the information provided by police, they received a call about an accident involving a car and 2 construction workers. After the call, police reached the accident spot, U.S. Route 34 westbound, at 8 am. And found both the workers lying on the bridge in a critical situation and were rushed to the area hospital. After that, The Great River Bridge and the area near the bridge were closed for investigation, but the troops have now opened the area.

Pearson J. Franklin and Andrew Whitcomb workers were working for the Burlington, Lowa company.

What happened to the Culprit of the Great River Bridge Accident Today?

The Culprit of the Great Bridge Accident, Emily Johnson, got some minor injuries in the accident. Currently is under the custody of the police and is being investigated by them. She got the charges for Scott’s Law which included improper use of the e-communication device, failure to lower the speed to avoid unwanted crashes or situations, and improper passing of the emergency vehicle.


We studied that 2 construction workers were dead in the Great River Bridge Accident Today. The write-up aims to deliver relevant information about the incident. If you wish to know about the car Accidents of 2022, read here.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – When did the accident occur on the Great River Bridge?

Answer – The accident took place on October 18, 2022.

Question 2 – Were both Victims of the Great River Bridge Accident Today dead on the spot?

Answer – No, they were taken to the hospital after the accident and succumbed to death in hospital.

Question 3 – Was Emily Johnson drunk?

Answer: No, she was not drunk, investigation does not proved it yet.

Question 4 – Where did the workers belong?

Answer – The workers were from New London

Question 5 – Will Emily Johnson receive a sentence?

Answer – Police are still investigating her; for now, there is no specific news about the accident.

Question 6 – Will the government compensate the Great River Bridge Accident Today the family of the victims?

Answer – The police officers haven’t spoken about the compensation, as the accident investigation is still being processed.

Question 7 – Does Emily have a Driving License during the Accident?

Answer – The police had not mentioned any insight details about Emily Johnson license in the interview. Hence, whether she had her license or not is not clarified. 

Question 8 – Till when Westbound lanes closed because of the car accident?

Answer – Westbound lanes were closed till 2 pm because of the investigation process.

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