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Grant Shapps Energy Video: Check The Energy Saving Viral Video Details From Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, And Reddit!

The article contains Grant Shapps Energy Video and the tips provided in the video for money saving this winter.

Recently, a video has been revolving around the web about a campaign where we can spot Grant Shapps advising on saving money during winter while battling with the Elf on his shelf.

Have you seen that video? Why are people criticizing the video? What are the points explained in the video? The video is presented to the people of the United Kingdom for electricity saving. Read about Grant Shapps Energy Video till the end to have detailed information about it.


What is Grant Shapps’s energy video about?


What is Grant Shapps's energy video about

On Saturday, 17 December 2022, a video has come forward in which we can see Grant Shapps, the energy secretary giving information about saving money while battling. He is getting annoyed with the Elf on the shelf. According to “it all adds up,” it is being suggested that people in the United States can save up to ₤230 per annum only by following simple steps that won’t even be tough to do. You can check the Viral On Twitter video in the link provided in the article under the “social media links” header.


We have collected data provided in this article from authenticated news sources. We didn’t intend to blame any person or portray a negative image, and we are just providing the collected information present on the web.

What is the content of the video?

In the 65 seconds viral video, we can see that Grant Shapps is giving people a winter money-saving guide while revolving around his home. In the video that is nowadays viral on Tiktok, we can see Grant saying that small activities like switching off the unused appliances after use, reducing the temperature of the boiler to some extent, and using draught protection which is not too high of a cost, can make a big difference and can save our ₤230 per annum.

The minister has acted in the video with an elf to make it more creative and convey the message to the people on money saving. But, as per online sources, instead of appreciation, some people on social media get the opposite and start accusing the government is supporting energy production companies in times of crisis.

Viral on Reddit – what are the tips given by Grant in the video?

Do you need clarification about the government’s tips on saving money? Don’t worry, and we will summarize the given information for you, so keep on reading-

  • You can save around ₤60 per annum by Fixing draughts timely.
  • You can save approximately ₤70 yearly by getting your water cylinder insulated.
  • You can save about ₤100 by keeping the boiler temperature below 60.
  • You can save about ₤55 by replacing your lights with energy-saving bulbs.

These are the tips in the video on Instagram given by the energy secretary.

Social media links:

Link to viral video


Grant Shapps was spotted in a video in which he is giving saving tips with the Elf, the video is circulating all over, and some are accusing him due to that video. For more information about the Grant Shapps video, click on the link.

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Grant Shapps YouTube video -FAQs

Q1. Why are people accusing grant?

Because of the support government provides to energy companies even after crises.

Q2. How much can we save according to the video?

Around ₤230 per annum.

Q3. Who is Grant Shapps?

He iz the energy secretary.

Q4. When is the video released?

On Saturday, 17 December 2022.

Q5. On which platform is the video going viral?

On platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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