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Gordon Pinsent Cause of Death: When Did Obituary Happened? Who is His Wife & Children? What Is His Net Worth & Age? Check Complete Wikipedia Here!

This article provides information on Gordon Pinsent Cause of Death and other related facts about his personal and professional life.

Do you want to know the cause of Gordon Pinsent’s death? Gordon Pinsent, a known celebrity in Canada and other countries because of his performance in “Away From Her,” has died, and everyone wants to know the cause.

If you want to know Gordon Pinsent Cause of Death and other details related to him, then start reading the article. 


What happened to Gordon Pinsent?

Gordon Pinsent died recently, and the reason is unknown to everyone. No one knows what happened to him as he passed away. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation confirmed the news of Gordon Pinsent. 

Gordon Pinsent Wikipedia

Let’s find out some information related to Gordon Pinsent’s personal life.

Real Name- Gordon Edward Pinsent
Date of Birth- July 12, 1930
Birthplace- Grand Falls, Newfoundland
Birth Country- Canada
Profession- Actor
Started Career- 1957
Zodiac Sign- Cancer
Spouse- Charmion King
Parents’ name- Not Mentioned

Much information is not updated on the internet as Gordon likes to keep his personal life private from the media and film industry. 

What is the cause of death?

Gordon’s cause of death is still unknown. According to the family members, he died in his sleep because of his old Age. His family members confirmed the news of his demise to the media and news channels.

However, if there is any new information related to the cause of Gordon’s death, we will update the article for our readers. 

Gordon Pinsent Funeral and Obituary 

There’s no information on the internet related to Gordon’s funeral, and the incident happened recently, and that’s why the family is preparing everything related to the Obituary and funeral. 

It is shocking news for everyone close to Gordon, especially his fans. He was a fun-loving man and a gem for the film industry. 

Reactions of Gordon’s family member

The whole incident happened last night when everyone was sleeping. According to the statements of Gordon’s Children, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. His son-in-law released the official announcement along with Gordon’s close friend Mark Critch. 

Different celebrities who worked with Gordon and were inspired by him paid tributes on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Memorable roles and movies of Gordon Pinsent

Gordon knows more about his engaging characters and unique choice of movies. He got in the limelight because of Away from her, which made his following worldwide. Here are some of Gordon’s famous movies contributing to his Net worth

  • The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
  • The Shipping News (2001)
  • Michael McGowan’s Saint Ralph (2004)
  • The Grand Seduction (2013)

Some of the shows in which Gordon acted are:

  • The Red Green Show 
  • Due South 

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Gordon Pinsent’s death is unexpected and shocking for everyone close to him. Let’s see what will autopsy says about the cause of death. Click here for more information.

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Gordon Pinsent Cause of Death– FAQs

1: Who are Gordon Pinsent’s children?

A: Gordon got two daughters, i.e., Leah and Beverly, and one son, i.e., Barry.

2: Who is Mark Critch?

A: Mark Critch is a renowned actor in the Canadian industry and a close friend of Gordon.

3: What is the name of Gordon’s Wife?

A: Charmion King 

4: What is Gordon Pinsent’s Net worth?

A: Around $5 million

5: What is the cause of Gordon’s death?

A: The reason is unknown to everyone. 

6: What was Gordon’s Age?

A: 92 years old.

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