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Google Leaked Salary: Is Google Salary Data Leak on Social Media? Get Leaked Google Salary Data Details Here!

The Google Leaked Salary write-up has summarized a report on tech giant HR spreadsheet data circulating on social sites.

Have you seen the salary spreadsheet of Google employees that is getting viral on social sites? A leaked internal spreadsheet of Google has revealed the base salary and other allowances received by its employees in different departments.

The leaked data shows the base salary of 1200 employees in the United States in 2022. Google Leaked Salary data is being compared with compensation employees receive at other major tech companies.


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Mean Compensation of Google Employee:

The leaked salary figures of Google employees gave an interesting insight into the payout received by professionals at the tech giant. Software engineers and developers are top-paid employees across the sectors but leaked data revealed the exact figure.

 A news portal worked on the data and reached a mean figure of $ 279,802 for Google employees in 2022. The screenshot circulating on social sites like Twitter shows the base salary of top Google employees.

Leaked Google Salary Data:

The leaked data comprised the compensation of 1200 employees and were shared internally among its employees. The software engineer led the base salary table, but other professionals in business, engineering and sales also received compensation in six figures. 

  • Software engineer – $718,000
  • Engineering manager (Software) – $400,000
  • Direct Sales employees – $ 377,000
  • Corporate counsel – $320,000
  • Sales Strategy – $320,000
  • UX design – $315,000
  • Government and public policy – $312,000
  • Research scientist – $309,000
  • Cloud sales – $302,000
  • Program manager – $300,000

Google Salary Leak figures show that Google employees are well-paid professionals in the corporate sector.

Google Salary against other Tech Companies Compensation:

The employees of Google receive other perks like bonuses and equity above their base salary. The maximum compensation earned by a software engineer in 2022 was $1.5 million. Some data on the internet suggest that Google employees’ median payout is behind Meta’s $296,320 and above Adobe $ $170,679. The data is based on permanent Google employees based in the U.S. office. 

Social Media Reactions on Google Salary Data:

Some screenshots and images of tech giant salary data are circulating on social sites like Twitter. The keyword words related to leaked data trending on the internet are #Google, #softwaredeveloper and #education. Netizens feel that this leak will increase the craze for Google jobs among job seekers.

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Final verdict:

The leaked salary data for 2022 reveals that Google employees are top-paid employees, with software engineers leading the table.

Will leaked salary data increase jobseeker’s preference towards tech companies? Please comment. 

Google Leaked Salary: FAQs

Q.1 What is the median salary of Salesforce employees?

The median salary of a salesforce tech company employee is $199,130.

Q.2 Who leaked the Google salary figures on the internet?

There is no information about the person responsible for leaking the Google salary spreadsheet.

Q.3 Are software engineers the highest-paid professionals in the world?

Chief executive officers and health professionals are top-earning positions worldwide.

Q.4 What is the mean salary of software engineers across the globe?

The mean salary of software engineers across the globe is $100,000.

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