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Google Layoffs Reddit: Curious To Get 2022 History? Find Complete Data Here!

The article shares the recent Google Layoffs Reddit information and gives you all the possible details in this brief discussion.

Do you have any idea about the Google layoffs story? Recently, Google’s parent company has been eliminating nearly 12000 jobs. As per the percentage, Google is reducing six per cent of employment. The experts think it will affect the job market in India, Canada and the United Kingdom

Even the layoff news is also circulated on social media. For this reason, we need to check Google Layoffs Reddit


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What Do You Know About Layoffs News? 

On 20 January 2023 (Friday), Google announced the jobs-cutting news. While the report is circulated from Silicon Valley, many feel it will affect the Information Technology sector worldwide. 

After the post-pandemic period, the job market has faced many debacles, and the economic sector is also facing bad situations. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has already decided to cut jobs and layoffs in the United States; instead, the company’s share is rising to three per cent. That is the reason people need to understand the causes of layoffs. 

Google Layoffs 2022 Reddit

According to the sources, the news is circulated on social media platforms. On the Reddit platform, this news was uploaded 15 hours earlier. You can find out the information on this platform: “Google cuts 12000 jobs”.

But if you check Reddit, unfortunately, the news is already removed from the site. You can also find the statement about removing the information on this site. And the site also mentions the reason for the removal. 

You will also find out some comments on this particular matter. For your own interest, check these comments on the Reddit platform.

What is the History Behind these Layoffs?

Many want to know about the preface of these layoffs. The financial experts demand a few reasons behind this decision. We can explain these facts in the following points. 

  • The first reason is economic uncertainty and forecast.
  • Hikes in the interest rate of the US Federal Reserve are another reason. 
  • Global macroeconomic problems are also involved in the decision. 
  • At the same time, Amazon is also cutting more than 18000 jobs, and that also triggered Google’s decision. 

The Memo

While Google Layoffs 2022 Reddit was removed from this site, the Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai has personally emailed all 12,000 resources of the company. In the memo email, Pichai informed the staff about the recent layoffs. 

The memo has come when Microsoft and Amazon combinedly layoffs of 28000 jobs in the recent time. In this memo, Sundar Pichai has stated the situation and the reason for the current releases. 

In this memo, Pichai has stated that the company needs to take the tough decision for various reasons. He also wrote to strengthen the new economic growth and to provide more investment in Artificial Intelligence the decision made. Pichai also stated the History of this decision. 

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Undoubtedly, the layoff decision will significantly impact various industries’ economic and financial sectors. It is also alarming the new recession in the upcoming year

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Google Layoffs Reddit- FAQ

a) What is the notice period for the employees?

60 days.

b) What is the offering? 

16 weeks’ salary and two weeks’ extra wage. 

c) Will Google pay the bonus to these employees?


d) What are the numbers of employees in Google?

As per the 2021 – 139,995.

e) What is the headquarters of Google?


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