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Golden Sparrow Token {May} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Have you gathered the price details of the Golden Sparrow Token? To detect further clues, please read this article properly. 

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? Are you aware of a token trending now in India

Organizations invent numerous cryptocurrencies that claim to provide top-notch profit to token holders every day. But, not all of them stay perfectly valuable and thus cause harm to investors. 

So, to inform you about cryptocurrencies, we will today express the in-depth details of a popular token. Therefore, we recommend you religiously use this post on Golden Sparrow Token for its unbiased analysis. 

Describing The Token

According to its official site, it is a meme coin that declares itself the most trusted and popular globally. In addition, after researching more, we understood that the token had learned many clues on the meme coins of the crypto market. 

Also, the website hinted that online meme community lovers created this coin to promote their concept and basis. It is a decentralized meme coin introduced into the meme community. In addition, the portal evaluated that it is the first translucent token in the crypto market. If you desire to know its founder’s evidence, kindly focus on the underlying section. 

Owner Of Golden Sparrow Token

Upon researching, we found no linked founder’s details on the official site or any online source. However, if you have any relative details for the owner, kindly express them in the comment section. 

Additional Information Of This Crypto 

  • The token is crystal-clear that helps to grow the community.
  • Its liquidity was sealed for 3 years.
  • The community suspended the team wallet for 5 years. 
  • This crypto is built to create awareness in the meme community. 

Now, let us locate the cost of this token in the following passage; upon knowing which, you will observe this token’s worthiness. 

Price Details 

While discovering threads, we found that Golden Sparrow Token has a GST price of 0.000005464321 $. Moreover, the source expressed that its value has been elevated by 28.34% within 24 hours. 

Let us now move into the upcoming section to know other supplementary threads to this token. 

Circulating Supply And Other Clues

A thread disclosed the following evidence to the token, so please go through them to estimate or predict its future value. 

  • The GST liquidity value is 21,716.928 $.
  • 1,000,000,000,000 GST is the circulating supply value.
  • 1,421 transactions are done within 24 hours.
  • 100 holders are found for this crypto. 
  • The decimals are 18.
  • The market cap of Golden Sparrow Token is 123,332.743 $.
  • The date installed is 23rd May 2022. 
  • The token’s 25-hour trading volume value is 237,817.54 $.

Also, we noticed the token distribution chart on the website as given below- 

  • Public Locked- 10%
  • Initial Burn- 87.60%
  • Marketing and Growth- 1.2%
  • Team- 1.2%

Now, let us discuss the token claiming mechanism in the underlying passage.  

The Token Buying Process

While researching the site, we found that investors can purchase this token from PancakeSwap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Official Site For Golden Sparrow Token

A1. The token’s URL is

Q2. What Is The Token’s Contract Address?

A2. 0x0Ea01f670EdeC2c30f8E5f082C30C847359Df95E is the contract address of this crypto. 

Q3. How Can We Claim This Crypto?

A3. As per the website, PancakeSwap is the preferable exchange platform. 

The Final Words

In this write-up, we have exposed the details of a trendy token deployed on 23rd May 2022. Read all details for example price, prediction, chart and more details. Understand the threads to the crypto here . Learn the preventive strings to Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them here.

Do you know the updated price of the Golden Sparrow Token? Please inform us by commenting below. 

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