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Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction {Feb} Find Market Stats

This article describes a utility token that is developed to support activities around the project of Moonbeam. Read about Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction.

Are you interested to know about the futuristic price movement of a token utility build using Polkadot network protocol? If yes, read this article till the end that explains all the relevant information associated with the crypto token.

Crypto enthusiasts Worldwide are looking for an expert opinion of the future price of tokens to take trading and investing decisions. Forecasting the future token price is one of the trending topics in the crypto space. Keep reading this article that covers the Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction.

About Glimmer (GLMR)

Glimmer (GLMR) was developed as the utility token of the famous Moonbeam Network. The relay chain of this token is based on Polkadot network protocol to solve various protocol-based issues in the crypto space.

The main use cases of the Glimmer token include the support given for gas metering during the smart contract execution. The token also aims to power and incentivize the decentralized node that helps to run the project platform. Finally, the token holders are privileged to participate in various governance-related activities within the project ecosystem.

Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction

  • The Initial Coin Offering price of the GLMR token was $0.250000. The token is now trading at a market price of $8.40. The current price of the token is 3260% higher than the ICO price.
  • The GLMR token has gained more than four per cent in the last 24 hours, with an increase in more than five per cent of the market cap.
  • The increase in the token price shows the bullishness of the token price and the increase in the number of buyers for GLMR, indicating a probable price hike in the future.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of GLMR: $8.78. Learn about the Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction.
  • Price Change(24h): No Data
  • 24h Low: $8.40
  • 24h High: $15.30
  • Token for Sale: 100,000,000 GLMR
  • Trading Volume(24h): $197,763,303
  • Volume / Market Cap: 0.4243
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: N/A
  • Market Cap: $659,324,337
  • Market Rank: 227
  • Total Supply: N/A
  • Circulating Supply: 74,973,182.00 GLMR
  • Max Supply: N/A
  • ATH: No Data
  • ATL: No Data

Founders and Team

  • Derek Yoo founded the Moonbeam Network. He is the CEO of PureStake, a crypto platform that helps to provide reliable and secure public blockchain-based infrastructure that is used for crypto projects, enterprises and app developers. Learn on Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction.
  • The marketing team is headed by Katie Butler, while Nate Hamilton heads the business development team.
  • Stefan Mehlhorn serves as the chief operations officer for PureStake and Moonbeam.

Where to Buy GLMR?

  • Visit Binance Exchange.
  • Login using Binance credentials. New users can create a free account by completing simple steps.
  • Load your Binance wallet with BNB.
  • Go to the spot trading section of Binance.
  • Choose the trading pair BNB/GLMR.
  • After completing the trade, the user’s Binance wallet gets credited with equivalent GLMR tokens. Check out for more details on the Glimmer Crypto Price Prediction.


Q1: How much of the token supply is allocated for ICO?

A1: Ten per cent of the total available tokens (100,000,000 GLMR) are kept aside for ICO.

Q2: What is the token allocation for Moonbeam Crowdloan?

A2: Fifteen per cent of the total tokens (150,000,000 GLMR) are allocated for the Moonbeam Crowdloan.


Utility token plays a prime role in the activities in a crypto project as it provides the token holder’s power for governance. To know more about the topic, please visit.

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