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Gladys Ricart Video Original: Check What Is In The Leaked Video From Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This post about Gladys Ricart Video Original provided details about the killing incident of the new bride and everything related to that.

On 26 September 1999, a horrifying incident occurred while Gladys Ricart distributed the flowers to the bride’s maid according to the rituals. She will marry James Preston, with whom she has been in love for a long.

Do you know what that horrifying incident is? Why is this news in trend after a time-lapse? People around the United States and Canada are discussing this case. Read this post about Gladys Ricart Video Original till the end to know each detail.


What happened in Gladys Ricart’s video?

Some cases never get out of our minds and hearts, leaving a strong pulsating impact on our souls that is printed on them forever, just like this incident in Gladys Ricart’s video. On 26 September 1999, Gladys Ricart was shot three times until she died. People on Tiktok have been discussing this topic to remember that horrifying day.


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When Gladys was in her living room, performing the ceremony of flower distribution to the bridesmaid, a person came running and shot Gladys three times until she lay on the ground and died. According to the news sources, the person who killed Gladys is her ex-boyfriend Augustin Garcia. According to the reports, it’s been said that he was detained shortly after he shot the gun. People present there called the cops and ambulance, but she was already dead.

Leaked on Reddit: what is the cause of her death?

Since her death, people have searched for clues and details regarding her killing incident. According to the news sources, it’s been said that Augustin and Gladys had a breakup just a few months back in her marriage, as Augustin had some affairs outside of the relationship.

What is the punishment given to Augustin?

 As there is considerable evidence regarding Augustin, he was detained and asked to appear in court. Is soon released on Twitter, and people came to know about the same. After many discussions and reading the whole case, the jury announced a life sentence in jail till 2029, his parole date. At first, the court was saying that he got a bit insane due to the wedding period, and he got a parole date till 2002, but soon after discussion, he was charged with a first-degree killing case, and as a result, he got a life sentence.

You can check the Reddit link in the header to learn more about the incident.

Viral on Instagram: Biography of Gladys Ricart

Full Name Gladys Ricart
Nickname Gladys
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 20 July 1960
Birth Place New Jersey
Age 39
Profession Unknown
Religion Christian
Race White
Height 5 Ft 6 Inches
Cause Of Death Gun Shot
Fiancé James Preston 

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Gladys was shot dead on her wedding day by her ex-boyfriend Augustin. She was shot by a 38-calibre revolver three times until death. To learn more about the incident, click on the link.

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Viral on Youtube video- FAQs:

Q1. What is the name of the bride?

Her name is Gladys Ricart.

Q2. What is the name of Gladys’s fiancé?

His name is James Preston.

Q3. By which tool was she killed?

A 38 calibre revolver killed her.

Q4. Who killed Gladys?

She was killed by her Ex, Augustin.

Q5. What happened to Augustin?

He was detained after she died and got a life sentence in jail.

Q6. Where is the video going viral?

The video is going viral on Telegram, Youtube, TikTok etc.

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