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Giulia Tramontano Com: Who Was Giulia? Also Explore Her Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Instagram, And Facebook Account Details

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Giulia Tramontano com to know about the murder incident in Milano.

Did you know about shocking news about murder of pregnant woman from Italy? What is so shocking about homicide of Giulia Tramontano? Who had planned to murder Giulia? What was controversy behind her murder? How was Giulia murdered? What happened to her dead body? What was response of Giulia’s family? When was Giulia murdered? 

Is there a website under the name of Giulia Tramontano? Know complete facts about Giulia Tramontano com.


About Giulia Tramontano’s murder:

Alessandro Impagnatiello was the boyfriend in-relationship with Giulia. Impagnatiello worked as a bartender for Armani/Bamboo luxurious bar in Milano. On 27th/May/2023, Impagnatiello had an argument with Giulia at their apartment and stabbed her to death. Giulia was 7-months permanent.

After the murder, Impagnatiello sent a text message from Giulia’s cell phone to his lady colleague, stating to leave Giulia in peace. Impagnatiello has a parallel relationship with his lady colleague. The identity of the lady colleague was not revealed due to security reasons. Giulia’s phone was unreachable after the last message sent by Impagnatiello.

There is no announcement of Giulia’s Funerali, but Mayor Massimo Buonanno proclaimed the city’s mourning for the funeral day.

Impagnatiello sent another text message to his colleague stating that Giulia had gone and, finally, he was a free man. Impagnatiello kept Giulia’s body for a few hours at home. Impagnatiello went to meet his colleague at her house and asked permission to enter inside. But, the lady refused as she became suspicious. His colleague had sent a text message to Giulia earlier, for which she did not receive any response.

Giulia’s profile is available on LinkedIn with 140 followers and 130 connections. Later, he tried to burn her dead body in the bathtub. He made a second attempt to burn Giulia’s dead body outside his house. However, as the body did not burn completely, Impagnatiello abandoned her body in bushes near his house in Senago, Milano, Italy.

Impagnatiello informed the police about Giulia’s missing and reported that he had last seen her before leaving for work. The police carried out an intense search operation. However, Giulia remained untraceable. 

Giulia’s Wikipedia:

Education Institute Year Course
Liceo Linguistico Niccolò Jommelli 2008-2013 Diploma Linguistico
Università Orientale di Napoli 2014-2017 Scienze Politiche e Relazioni Internazionali
IATH Academy 2018-2020 Diploma Alberghiero
Career Duration Profile
American Express September/2017-May/2018 Agente Finanziario
Mercure Hotels May/2018-September/2018 Hostess
Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel April/2019-July/2019 Stage Multitasking Front-Office, Back-Office, Revenue
Palms Real Estate July/2020-September/2020 Assistente alla direzione sviluppo
PHONETICA S.P.A. November/2020-June/2021 Back Office Support Specialist
Contempora Serviced Apartments June/2021-May/2023 Reservation Manager
Age 30-years
Residance Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Marritial status unmarried
Boy friend Alessandro Impagnatiello

Her family took to social media and requested people’s help finding her as she required support due to permanency. Giulia’s pages are present on Instagram with 1,366 followers and 491 posts. Her family also posted missing-person posters at various places. 

Social media links:


The police found blood traces at Impagnatiello’s house and interrogated him. Finally, on 1st/June/2023, Impagnatiello confessed to killing Giulia. He also said his lady colleague was pregnant due to their relationship but decided on abortion. As per sources, on interrogating lady colleague, she denied she was pregnant due to Impagnatiello and that it was not his child. Impagnatiello was arrested on same day. Giulia was active on Facebook with 2K friends.

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Giulia Tramontano com – FAQ

Q1. Is a website?


Q2. How did the city mourn Giulia’s death?

The Municipality prepared a torchlight procession but shows and fireworks scheduled on 2nd/June/2023 during Patron’s Day were cancelled. Her sister Chiara Tramontanom posted Giulia’s murder story on social media.

Q3. What happened to a lady colleague?

No information was posted about her current status.

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