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Gigi De Lana Accident: Is Gigi de Lana Passed Out in Accident in la Union? Check Update Now!

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Are you familiar with de Lana? Have you been following the current event that involved her? Do you’re aware of why she is currently being discussed? This information is only for you if you are a Gigi and de Lana fan. Not only are you living in the United States and the United Kingdom, but also people Worldwide are highly interested in learning more about this. 

The below article on the Gigi de Lana Accident is going to give you all the information you need to be aware of regarding this tragedy. Please read the entire post.


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Does de Lana Have Any Connection to Any Accident?

Yes, the band’s Facebook page revealed on Sunday morning that the mishap left De Lana and her The Gigi Vibes bandmates with minor injuries. The accident’s cause is still unclear. However, upon the announcement of the tragedy, numerous rumours started to circulate, and the news quickly spread across all social media platforms, sparking debate.

Accident in La Union

People start looking for further information about the accident once the band’s official page on Facebook reports it. In addition, they stated that “all issues have been resolved” and that, fortunately, no one else was hurt in the mishap. A medical authorization issued by the Ilocos Training & Regional Health Center Hospital was also obtained by the band’s members before they chose to proceed with their performance, it was noted.

Apologize for postponing the occasion.

The band once more stated on May 15 to express regret to the audience for what happened the night before and to cancel their performance in Nueva Ecija. Additionally, they requested prayers for Gigi de Lana Update and the rapid recovery of the rest of the squad.

Details of the Gigi De Lana car accident

Gigi De Lana revealed that she and the other members of her band, the Gigi Vibes, were involved in an automobile crash in La Union due to the driver’s inattention. However, she assured her fans that she had previously undergone medical testing and, happily, had not suffered any serious injuries. She added that even though I had numerous bruises, my CT and X-ray findings were clear. 

Rumours related to Gigi de Lana Passed Out.

Following the viral news coverage of the event, numerous speculations also spread. Here are some of the well-known urban legends:-

  • Gigi de Lana was drunk and operating the automobile.
  • This accident resulted in the death of the entire band.
  • In the accident, Gigi de Lana killed two individuals.
  • Gigi de Lana also passed out in the crash.

We want to clear to our readers that these rumours are not right. Just for views and like people are spreading these king of rumours.

Health Issues While Performing

Due to the Accident in La Union, singer Gigi de Lana fainted on stage last Sunday during the concert at the “Himala ng Buhangin” gathering in Ilocos Norte. Kriss Achino, a social media influencer, claims that Gigi fainted while performing her second song. 

After Gigi fainted, medical professionals moved quickly to take her backstage. Gigi went on stage with an arm brace since she and her bandmates had a car accident before the performance.

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In summarizing this piece of Gigi de Lana’s Accident, we can say that Gigi and her band failed to complete the performance and postponed their future performance in Nueva Ecija. She has given an interview on the same. Gigi also expressed regret for having to postpone their performance in Nueva Ecija. 

Are you also anxiously awaiting her recovery? Please let us know in the below comments. 

Gigi de Lana Accident Faqs:-

Q1. When does this accident happen?

On May 13 2023

Q2. How many followers do they have on Instagram?


Q3. What is the age of Gigi de Lana?

26 years old

Q4. What is the net worth of Gigi de Lana?

1 million dollar

Q5. When Gigi de Lana started her career?


Q6. Is the death news of Gigi de Lana true?


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