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Getdiscoverstudent com: What Are The Latest Card Offers? Know Benefits Now!

Getdiscoverstudent com write-up has reviewed the Discover website, which sells credit card products exclusively for students.

Are you searching for a credit card that offers special benefits to college students? Is the credit card feature of student cards similar to other cards, or the bank is charging a lower rate on it? Discover credit is popular among United States citizens as it provides additional customer benefits. 

Discover credit card has developed some credit products, especially for students after taking note of their spending patterns. Students can use this card to develop credit points for getting premium cards. Getdiscoverstudent com has reviewed the Discover credit card for students for 2023.


Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet research and has financial information for the given section of the audience. The article does not intend to promote the financial product mentioned in the blog.

Discover Student Credit Cards:

Discover is a leading digital bank that provides quality payment services. It envisages offering card products to different sections of people in the United States to manage their finances much better. The company has two card products for students: student cash back and student Chrome.

The card provides earnings on some areas of spending with an introductory Annual percentage rate for purchases. The card will help the student make their credit history for getting future financial products. The Discover reward will help students spend their money more judiciously. 

Getdiscoverstudent com Credit Card Features:

  • $ 50 initial credit reward for applying through a friend’s referral link.
  •  Discover will match all the cash back at the end year making $ 50 into $ 100.
  • 5% cash back is available on purchases from a select portal or stores.
  • 1% cash back is available on other purchases automatically.
  • The applicant will require no credit score for card application.
  • There is no annual fee on the Discover student credit card. 
  • Discover student cards will charge 0% interest for the first six months. After that APR of 17% to 26% will apply. 

Students can visit Getdiscoverstudent com for more information on student card terms and conditions. 

How to apply for the Student Credit Card on this website?

  • Go to the Discover website and find the application web page on it.
  • The student should put their personal and financial details in the application form.
  • Some details regarding the student course and time must also be filled in.
  • Discover will analyze all the details for approving the student card.
  • Students can check the online status of their application or call Discover customer service.
  • Students can receive the student credit card within ten days of approval.

Getdiscoverstudent com Credit Card Reward and Redemption:

The 1% cashback is available for all purchases with the student cash credit card, but for 5% cashback, they must purchase from the selected platform. The company has also capped the 5% cash back reward with a quarterly spending limit of $ 1500. The cashback match offer of Discover also allows the cash back to double at the end of the first year.

The reward is available with Discover and can be redeemed anytime, as there is no limit on reward points for redemption. The reward can be converted into a credit statement or deposit. 

Legit Details of Getdiscoverstudent com:

  • The domain was created on 2nd August 2021.
  • The website is not popular among netizens, indicating less traffic to it.
  • Customer review for the Discover website is present in the digital space.
  • The website has a social media presence with an account on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The website has a trust rating of 100%.
  • Website content is free of any plagiarism.

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Final verdict:

Discover student credit cards give students a unique opportunity to build their credit scores while completing their desired courses. It also allows them to earn some reward while making their necessary purchase. 

Are you using a Discover student card for daily purchases? Please comment.

Getdiscoverstudent com: FAQs

Q.1 What is the customer rating of Discover’s student cashback credit card?

Discover student cash back card has a customer rating of 4.8/5 from 1790 reviews.

Q.2 What is the capped limit of a Student Chrome credit card?

Student Chrome credit card has a quarterly capped limit of $ 1000 for 2% cash back.

Q.3 What reward can the student earn with a Chrome credit card?

Students can earn restaurant and gas rewards with Chrome credit cards.

Q.4 What is a Discover student card’s foreign purchase transaction rate?

No foreign purchase transaction rate is applicable on Discover student cards.

Q.5 Is the Getdiscoverstudent com website accessible?

People accessing the Get Discover student website get diverted to

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