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Georgia Harrison Boyfriend: What Happened To Her? Explore Full Update On Her Age, Twitter Post, And Cctv Footage

The article on Georgia Harrison Boyfriend explained the lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and its judgment by the jury.

Do you know who Georgia Harrison is? Who was her ex-boyfriend? Would you like to know about the recent controversy? Georgia is an English celebrity featured in love island and more.

People from Ireland and the United Kingdom want to know about Love Island star Georgia Harrison and her ex-boyfriend. So read this article properly and find out details on Georgia Harrison Boyfriend. 


Why is Georgia Harrison’s Boyfriend Topic Trending?

Georgia is an English Model featured in several TV shows, such as; Love Island and war of the worlds. She is currently trending on several social media. In 2020 her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear leaked some of their videos. The footage had very personal moments between the former couple.

On 13th December 2022, the jury finally passed judgment on this case, and Bear has found guilty of leaking and revealing private films and photographs of his ex-partner. After his conviction of Stephen, Harrison feels relieved. She said that it feels empowering. 

Georgia’s Age, Career, Birthplace, and More

Georgia Harrison is a 28 year, model and influencer most notable for her appearances on the British reality TV series “Love Island.” Her social media profile consists primarily of photos and videos of her daily life and promotional content for brands she is partnering with. The bulk of her audience is female and aged between 18-24.

Harrison is from Essex, England. She was born on 12th December 1994. Georgia has three siblings; Darcey, Eva, and Danny. As per some internet sources, her net worth would be around $200,000. Recently she has expressed how relieved she is after What Happened To her involving her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear.


Georgia's Age, Career, Birthplace, and More

Details On Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear is a British reality TV star and social media influencer. He is best known for appearing on the reality TV show “Ex on the Beach” and winning the “Celebrity Big Brother” series in 2016. He is from London, England, and was born on 15th January 1990. 

Bear was the subject of a Personal-tape controversy when a video featuring him and his former girlfriend, Georgia Harrison, surfaced online. He claimed he did not leak the video and had no idea how it spread. However, on Tuesday, he was convicted for leaking personal, Cctv, or recorded footage. 

More Details On The Case

The trial outcome meant that Bear would be punished for his actions, providing a sense of justice for Harrison and her family. The case had been long and arduous for Georgia, drawing attention from the media worldwide. Finally, however, justice had been served.

She also revealed that the act was consensual, but Harrison didn’t know about the recording. She had to tell her family all the details about the tape. 

Social Media Details Of Georgia Harrison



Facebook: There was no official Facebook account in Georgia.

Note: The article has been compiled with the help of various information provided on the internet. 


This article included details on a case involving TV personality Georgia Harrison and her ex-boyfriend. Her former partner Stephen Bear was convicted and jailed for two years for publicly disclosing private photographs and video. Know more about Georgia here

Were you following the case closely? Let us know what you think about the punishment served to Stephen. 

Updates on Georgia Harrison Boyfriend: FAQs

Q1. Who is Harrison’s current boyfriend?

As per reports, she is not dating anyone.

Q2. What is her net worth?

As per an article, it’s $200,000, but she reveals no official figure.

Q3. Did she get fame from which show?

She got famous after featuring in Love Island. 

Q4. What is her age?

Harrison is 28 years old.

Q5. What is her height?

As per some sources, she is 5’3. 

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