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Gemma Owen Wrexham Age: Explore Full Information On Husband, And Gareth Wife

Our research on Gemma Owen Wrexham Age will give you trending news on Gemma Owen and her Husband

Did you know about Gemma Owen? How old is she? Many football fans are quite confused about her personal life. Gemma Owen Wrexham Age is trending online among the fans of Wrexham AFC fans in the United Kingdom and the United States. Here, we clarify all the doubts or misconceptions of the people who are searching for Gemma Owen. Please read. 

About Gemma Owen Wrexham Age

As per online sources, Gemma Owen is the head of the Women’s Football team of Wrexham AFC. She was born on July 6, 1983. According to her date of birth, she is currently 40 years old. She has also been the assistant manager of the under-19 team. 

However, the online sites are also discussing another model, Gemma Owen who has been featured in the popular TV Show Love Island. She is currently 19 years old. She might be trending along with the Wrexham team keyword after her ex-boyfriend who was a footballer in the Wrexham team is about to feature in the show. 

Gemma Owen Wrexham Husband!

As per online sources, Gemma Owen has been married to Gareth Owen. He is a retired player of the Wrexham team. He now manages the Under 19 women’s team. He is trending along with Gemma Owen as people want to know more about her personal life. 

Moreover, there is another news on the partner of Gemma Owen who has been featured on Love Island. She is dating Aadam who is the son of Prince Naseem Hamed. We hope that all the confusion on Gemma Owen who belongs to the Wrexham team and Gemma Owen whose ex-partner belongs to the Wrexham football team.

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Gareth Owen Wrexham Wife!

As per online sources, there have been many updates on the personal life of Gemma Owen. The football team’s head has been married to Gareth. She is the wife of the retired Wrexham team player. There are no other updates related to this keyword. 

However, some updates on the dating life of Gemma Owen from Love Island were trending after the ex-boyfriend who is also a player of the Wrexham team entered the show. This made him the talk of town and this is how people are linking the daughter of Michael Owen with this keyword. Hence, the updates on Gareth Owen Wrexham Wife are different for both ladies. 

We hope that all the confusion on the life of the head of the football team of Wrexham and the model are clear and there are no misconceptions left in the reader’s mind. 

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Wrapping up this post here, we have informed the readers of the latest update on Gemma Owen. We hope that all of our readers will find this research helpful and that all the doubts related to Gemma Owen will be clear. In case of any other update, we will surely inform the readers. You need to wait until there is any other information on the same. 

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DISCLAIMER: There are two different personalities with the same name that is Gemma Owen. One belongs to the head of the Wrexham football team and assistant manager of the under-19 team while the other girl is a model and was featured in Love Island. 

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