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Gemini Earn Balance Scam: Check What Does It Mean? Also Find Details On Text Message

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere to learn What Is a Gemini Earn Balance Scam Text Message? Also, learn the plot of the Gemini scam.

Did you know Gemini is working with its partners to resolve redemption requirements of its Gemini Earn program customers? Gemini is reputed financial firm in the United States providing several financial solutions, including credit cards, crypto exchange, staking, etc. Let’s check Gemini Earn Balance Scam.

Origin of Gemini Earn Balance Scam:

Gemini had partnered with Genesis Global Capital LLC., to provide services of the Gemini Earn program. On 16th/November/2022, Genesis informed that it would not be able to meet customers redemption requests within the service level agreement of five business days. Later, Genesis filed for bankruptcy. Gemini responded by filing a Master Claim on behalf of its Earn program customers. 

Amid this situation, when customers are aware that their investment is blocked due to Genesis bankruptcy, the scammers plan to loot Gemini Earn customers. 

What Is a Gemini Earn Balance?

As a result of the pending master claim, Gemini Earn’s customer pending balance reflected digital assets without their real market value. The Earn program customers balances also reflected the master claim filed on their behalf. However, Gemini’s other financial services and products remained unaffected.

Scammers wanted to gain access to the personal and payment information of the customers by sending a text message containing an unauthentic third-party website link.

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Details of Gemini Earn Text Message:

The alert about the scamming message was initially posted approximately a month ago on the @u/Patient_Horse5305 Reddit account, which also shared it on Gemini’s Reddit pages. The message stated that the Earn balance is available for withdrawal in GUSD. The customer has to visit to claim the amount.

The is currently inaccessible. The text message was sent from +1(312)210-1398. On looking up information about the call ID, no details were found except that it was for a business account. 

A second type of Gemini Earn Text Message:

The trend continued, and hundreds of people started receiving similar messages from 74409 but containing a different third-party, unauthentic website link – is active on the server, but due to unknown reasons, it is currently inaccessible and displays a 403 error.

The alert about the second text message was updated on @u/wmeeryeck Reddit pages and got shared on various Reddit groups, including @r/CelsiusNetwork. 

Third Gemini Earn Balance Text message:

A Redditor @u/HansDesterhoft shared information about a third message that contained a link for @u/HansDesterhoft stated that the unauthentic third-party website requested the user to link his digital wallet. On sencing a scam, @u/HansDesterhoft did not provide information. He reported receiving the text message on 18th/September/2023.

All three text messages contained the same information making customers curious to know What Is a Gemini Earn Balance pending for withdrawal.

It created a sense of excitement and urgency among the users whose investments are locked due to Genesis’s bankruptcy, Earn pending balance reflecting as digital assets without their real market value, and due to master claim filed by Gemini. The scam took advantage of customers’ fear and the situation created after Genesis filed for bankruptcy in 2022.

Social media links:

I assume this is a scam?
byu/Patient_Horse5305 inGemini

OMG – when will these scams end? This time it’s re Gemini
byu/wmeeryeck inCelsiusNetwork

Did anyone else get a text saying you can receive your Gemini earns payout today?
byu/HansDesterhoft inGemini


Due to long wait time since 2022, Gemini Earn customers accessed link mentioned in Gemini Earn Balance Text message, hoping to get back their pending balances. However, Gemini did not make an official announcement about refunding Earn customer’s balances in GUSD! Hence, all such text messages are scams to gain access to customer’s digital wallets, device data, browser-w3 controls, personal, and payment information.

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