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Learn data on Gary Plauche Video Real Footage Original in addition to details about Jeff Doucet Gore shooting video on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter.

Have you seen the Gary Plauché killing story from 1984? Then, did you watch the Gary Plauche Video Real Footage Original, which went viral Worldwide? Some killings make everyone’s heart feel so heavy, and even that killing can be justified. And Gary Plauche’s killing is one such example. 

The actual shooting video has been released, so here in this article, we will share the availability of the video and the background story of it.

About Gary Plauche Video Real Footage Original

Gary Plauche was an ex-Air Force man who was a local news channel cameraman. He had a son named Jody Plauche. Jeff Doucet was a close relative of Gary, who used to teach karate to Jody.

In February 1984, Jeff kidnapped Jody and molested him mercilessly. This incident affected his father, Gary, a lot. On March 16, 1984, the culprit, Jeff Doucet, arrived at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, and Gary Plauche Shooting Jeff Doucet Video happened. The video was recorded because Gary killed Jeff publicly using a revolver, and a local news channel recorded the whole video. Recently, the original, uncensored version of the video has been present on many websites and the Reddit platform.

Gary Plauche Shooting Jeff Doucet Video

In the video, Gary shot Jeff Doucet when he was arriving at the Louisiana airport for his face-to-face trial in the Jody molesting case. Even his hands were handcuffed by the police. That time, Jeff wore a red full-hand t-shirt. Gary was hidden behind the wall, and he suddenly took his gun and shot at the head (right side) of Jeff. Then Gary Plauche Twitter Video was recorded by the local news channel. Upon hitting Jeff, the police officials arrested Gary Plauche. But the shooting video was released on the internet and is considered one of the most viral shooting videos to date.

More details on the Gary Plauche Twitter Video

Gary Plauche’s shooting video is available on Twitter, but many Twitter pages spread fake links. Meanwhile, some genuine Twitter pages shared the original, uncensored version of the video since the video is only less than 30 seconds. We can see the video on the Twitter feed itself.

Gary Plauche Video YouTube 

There are thousands of videos that have been released in relation to the shooting video of Gary. But currently, YouTube has removed the original video from its database because of the violence shown in the video. Gary Plauche Video Youtube snippets, news coverage, explanation videos, etc can be seen. Still, the original footage cannot be seen on the YouTube platform. Thus, readers have to opt for a different platform to view it.

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Gary Plauche Video Reddit  

The Reddit platform shares the original footage of Gary Plauche’s shooting video. Many Reddit admins shared the video links in their threads. Some of the video links seemed to be authentic. And we have attached the genuine Gary Plauche Video Reddit link in the article.

Public reaction

The public has extended their support to the act of Gary shooting Jeff. Because no other parents can forgive the person who molested their cherished children, thus most of them supported Gary.

Gary Plauche Video Gore

The shooting video of Gary was present on gore websites like SeeGore, GoreFlix, DeepGore, etc. These websites share the extended version of the shooting incident.

Social media links

Reddit: [Kinda graphic] The 1984 Gary Plauché video (dad shooting his son’s molester in the head) : JoeRogan (

[Kinda graphic] The 1984 Gary Plauché video (dad shooting his son’s molester in the head)
byu/OutdoorRink inJoeRogan



Thus, the article discusses the viral shooting incident, and Gary was sentenced to 5 years of probation and 300 hours of community service. In 2014, Gary died due to a stroke. Gary Plauche Video Gore is still circulating on the internet even after the subject’s death.

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Disclaimer: This article shares information about a shooting incident and revolves around sensitive information.

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