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Garland Owensby Obituary: Is He Died in Car Accident? Reveal Facts Now!

Today’s Garland Owensby Obituary write-up expresses profound respect for a lecturer who recently passed away.

Is Garland Owensby’s demise confirmed? What made him pass away suddenly? People from the United States and other places were deeply shocked to learn the news of the passing of Garland Owensby, who has been an integral SAGU community member since 1998. 

The loss of Owensby has made a huge hole in the family’s minds because he served as a highly respected coworker, a trustworthy companion, and a role model to a great number of people. Let us read how people remembered him by sharing and paying for Garland Owensby Obituary


Disclaimer: We abstain from hyping events or scenarios that people have faced and solely trying to give information.

The reason for Garland Owensby’s demise:

Garland Owensby, a renowned lecturer and department chair of God University at Southwestern Assemblies, died on May 31, 2023, Wednesday. His death at 55 has enormously affected people who had the honor of meeting him.

Garland Owensby Obituary:

Several individuals who met him are grieving his passing. In addition to being a superb teacher, Dr. Owensby was a fantastic person and a close companion to countless. He had many great traits, including encouraging, compassionate, compassionate, genuine, and compassionate. 

The university, Southwestern Assemblies of God, released an announcement conveying their profound sadness over the passing of their cherished lecturer.

Funeral details of Garland Owensby:

According to the family, Garland Owensby’s details of funeral services and his final words shall be released later. This statement implies that they are now working on the required preparations and will notify the general public of the pertinent details when they are ready. Besides, it is unclear if it was the Garland Owensby Car Accident.

The professional life of Garland Owensby:

Garland Owensby started working at Southwestern in the 1998 autumn as a lecturer and Youth and Student Ministries’ Coordinator. His unshakable commitment has concentrated on preparing the next generation for a lifetime of service in the youth ministry.

Garland previously worked in Central America with the Castillo Del Rey and Don Triplett team as an adolescent and children evangelist before coming to Southwestern.

Family details of Garland Owensby:

Owensby and his wife have three kids: Logan (born in 2000), Bryson (born in 2000), and Austin (born in 1997). They are primarily from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Garland Owensby Obituary: Additional facts about Garland Owensby:

In addition to his educational responsibilities, Garland Owensby was actively involved in evangelism. He routinely gives remarks at gatherings of churches, public schools, youth groups, training sessions, conventions, and youth camps across the country. His charismatic, humorous, and biblically wise remarks have won over audiences and made him a favorite among church members. 

Additionally, Garland does comedy performances worldwide for crowds of twenty to two thousand individuals. His comic talents have been featured on portals including Amazon and iTunes and broadcast nationwide on Laugh USA!, the all-comedy program on the satellite radio called XM/Sirius.

Quick Wiki-

  • Real name- Garland Owensby
  • Age- 55 years
  • Place- Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
  • Date of Death- Wednesday, May 31, 2023
  • Children names- Logan, Bryson, and Austin
  • Bachelor of Arts- Southeastern College in Florida’s Assemblies of God in Lakeland

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Garland Owensby, a lecturer, who passed away recently, was paid respect by many individuals. His influence was felt by innumerable learners and coworkers, going far past the walls of the learning environment. However, his demise due to an accident is not yet made public.

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Garland Owensby Obituary: FAQs

Q1. Who was Garland Owensby?

A renowned lecturer

Q2. What is the reason for Garland Owensby’s demise?

No official statement has been made public about Garland Owensby’s demise.

Q3. How many children did Garland Owensby have?


Q4. Which degrees does Garland Owensby hold?

Master of Arts in Bible and Theology and Master of Science in Practical Theology

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