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Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023: Want to Get Details on Registro? Check All Information Here Now!

Mexican people can win a luxury mansion by participating in the Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023. Scroll down and get all details now.

Do you want to win a luxury mansion? If you are a native of Mexico, we have great news for you. Recently, TV Azteca turned 30. They will celebrate it with the audience. 

TV Azteca arranged a contest for their viewers, followers, and friends. Please read the Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023 article to learn the rules. 

Disclaimer: We have no intention of hurting anyone’s emotions and feelings. We have gathered all the information for educational purposes only. Because of the unavailability of social media links, we cannot attach them.

What is Gana Con El Tio Richi Com?

Gana Con El Tio Richi Com is a website created by TV Azteca that held a contest for everyone. In this contest, Uncle Richie will give 30 million pesos in presents, including a luxury mansion and the latest model cars for the followers, viewers, and friends of TV Azteca. But before participating in this contest, you must register by visiting the Gana Con El Tio Richi Registro page.

How to register yourself on the website?

Once you enter the official website of, you must log in first. For logging in, you must choose one option, between the “Continue with Facebook” option or the “Continue with Google” option. After selecting your preference, a new page will open. On this page of Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023, you must enter your personal details. 

If you know Spanish, it will help you to understand what is written on the page. But if you don’t know Spanish, you must translate it into English. You will notice a form in front of you. In that form, you must enter your name, gender, date of birth, residential address, city, postal code, email address, and phone number.   

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What do we have to do next?

Once you fill-up the form, you will notice some questions under this form. So, after completing the half Gana Con El Tio Richi Registro process, you must answer the questions. There will be six questions that you need to answer. But you don’t need to worry because all the questions are multiple-choice questions. The questions are TV Azteca, and Uncle Richie related. So, before answering the questions, please learn more about TV Azteca and Uncle Richie. 

The more knowledge you will gain about TV Azteca and Uncle Richie, there will be more chances for you to win this Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023 contest and get incredible gifts. You can also win a luxury mansion or brand-new cars. 

What are the rules and regulations for participating in this contest?

  • The contestant must be a Mexican.
  • Men and women participating in the contest must be 18 years old. 
  • Contestants need to enter the correct information in the form.
  • Contestants must tick the terms and conditions box before clicking the Enter button.

Summing Up:

Gana Con El Tio Richi Registro started on 20th July 2023, Thursday. If you have not registered, please do it by 2nd October 2023. 2nd October 2023, Monday, is the last date for registration. Click on the link for watching more details about the TV Azteca contest.

Will you participate in this contest? Please comment.

Gana Con El Tio Richi Com MX 2023– FAQ Section:

Q.1 When did the TV Azteca turn 30 years old?

Ans. On 2nd August 2023.

Q.2 Who will give 30 million pesos gifts?

Ans. Uncle Richie.

Q.3 Is the contest only for Mexican people?

Ans. Yes.

Q.4 What is the last date of registration?

Ans. 2nd October 2023.

Q.5 What is the official website for participating in the contest?


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