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Galena Park Murder Suicide: Where Is It In Texas? At What Zip Code Shooting Today Happened? Has The Killing Done At North Shore? Read Truth Now!

In this post, we will discuss the details associated with Galena Park Murder Suicide and what is the reason for this murder.

Did you hear the shocking murder news that happened in Galena Park? The news shocked everyone across the United States. As soon as the news of the murder came, people started looking for the reason why this murder happened and how it happened.

People are curious to know the details of this murder mystery and what happened at the time of this incident. Thus, to know every detail related to this incident, read this post till the end. This article has all the information associated with Galena Park Murder Suicide


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What Murder Suicide case happened in the Galena Park?

On 18th, February 2023, Saturday night, a man killed his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s friend, and then himself. Adding to this, the girlfriend is also six months pregnant. 

According to the reports, the victims who were killed in this incident were a 19-year-old Sayuri Gill, who was six months pregnant, her 13 years old Sayuri’s Sister Melany Torres, and a 14-years old family friend in Texas.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed that four members were killed in Galena Park. The incident happened around 10:30 P.M. inside the house on 2nd Street near N. Main St. and Clinton Dr.

Police also found a man from the crime scene who is 38-year-old and found dead in the main bedroom. According to the police, they found this man self-inflicted by the gunshot at home in North Shore.

As per Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, a 12-year-old girl called the Galena Park Police Department and informed that her mother’s boyfriend misbehaved with her. However, the police confirmed that the man found dead was the same person to whom this 12-year-old complained. 

This girl confirmed that she was in the house at the time of the Killing but managed to escape to a neighbor’s house with her 1-year-old niece. 

Further details on Murder-Suicide in Galena Park

The survivor, 14 years old, confirmed to the police that the man was in a relationship with her mother, who is also the house owner. She also confirmed to the authorities that he killed Gill, then Torres, and finally, a family friend who was present in the house when he came. 

According to the reports, their mother was not at home at the time of this incident. They also confirmed that he is not the father of any girl killed in the incident. Moreover, people actively looked for Where Is Galena Park Texas, soon after this incident.

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A man killed three girls and then shot himself. The culprit for Shooting Today was said to be the boyfriend of the girls killed by him. This incident happened around 10:30 P.M. when their mother was not at home. However, one of the girls, named Gill, was six months pregnant. 

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Galena Park Murder-Suicide– FAQs

Q1. Was he attempting some illegal activity with the survivor’s 14-year-old girl?

Ans. Yes, he tries to assault the survivor’s 14-year-old girl.

Q2. Where Is Galena Park located?

Ans. Galena Park is a city in Harris County, Texas, United States.

Q3.What was the reason for this murder?

Ans. The reason for this murder hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Q4. Does the survivor girl have injuries?

Ans. Yes, she had injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Q5. What is the relationship between the culprit and the girl’s mother who were killed?

Ans. He was the boyfriend of their mother.

Q6. What is Galena Park’s Zip Code?

Ans. 77547. 

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