Galaxium Coin {Jun} Check The Details Of Crypto Coin!

Galaxium Coin {Jun} Check The Details Of Crypto Coin!

Galaxium Coin {Jun} Check The Details Of Crypto Coin!>> Are you looking for the token that can bring positive effects to society? Then read the details of the coin here.

Cryptocurrency is growing in the market Worldwide. On average, there are 21 million bitcoins in the crypto world that can be mine. But, which token is to be selected is the main question that every investor has in its mind. To introduce you to a Galaxium crypto-token, we are here to share today’s content with you. 

If you are looking for some social currency, this token will surely help you out, but several questions need to be answered, like the price, total supply, market value, and rank. Well, you have to explore Galaxium Coin with us for your answers.

Few words about the Galaxium

The Galaxium token is far more than a crypto token introduced to bring changes in society and people. The concept behind the token is unique and is designed with lots of thoughts and hard work of team members.

The advanced BSC technology allows users to handle endless transactions with the token. For now, all the token holders are excited to see the future of the crypto coin. The project of Galaxium Coin aims to bring a unique model to its holders.

Price Chart of the token 

  • Supply – 1000,000,000,000,000
  • Price – $0.0000002586
  • 24 h Low/ 24 h High – $0.00000023/ $0.00000041
  • Market cap – no data is available.
  • Market Rank – 2710
  • Change in the price for 24 hours- $ -0.0000001051

How to set up the wallet? 

Setting up of wallet is one of the prior and crucial steps to get the token. So, follow the steps and firstly set your wallet.

  • You have to install the trust wallet app. Both the app store and Google play store give access to it.
  • Open the app and complete the process of authentication by filling in all the required details.
  • Now, you have to add Galaxium Coin to the wallet. So, scroll down the list of tokens available in the app, and at last, you will view the option of the custom token.
  • Add this token by filling in the required details like contract address, name, symbol, decimals and click the done icon.

So, going through all the steps carefully, you will set up your wallets, and now, with few more steps, your token will be available.

  • Add Dapp browser to the wallet.
  • Covert BNB to BNB Smart Chain.
  • Swap and complete your transactions.
  • Now, you can go to Pancakeswap and enter the amount of BNB you want to exchange to get Galaxium. Then, at last, swap it.

Galaxium Coin – Price Prediction

As per the prediction, there will be raise in the Galaxium token’s price to $0.00000122 in 2028. Within a year, the coin’s price is expected to rise two times from the current value. Focusing on the least value that the token will hold in the future will be $0.0000110.

Therefore, the coin value will be increase at a high rate. This you can see in various crypto applications.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does the official website share the contract address of the token?

Yes, the portal contains the address. You can copy and paste it to get the token.

  • What is the 7d low/ 7d high value of the token?

It’s $ 0.00000004/$ 0.00000031


Galaxium Coin has a great vision for the future. With a high rising price in 2028, the token will provide profits to the holders. So, you can make your investment over it. 

If you want to grab more facts about the GLXM, check the link to a YouTube video shared below.

What are your views on purchasing Galaxium? Please comment your thoughts over it.

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