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[Updated] Gabagtha Original Video Twitter: Has The Personal Content Went Viral On Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok & Instagram Platforms?

Gabagtha Original Video Twitter write-up has details of a viral video of a Hungarian YouTuber trending on social media sites.

Are you searching for a viral video clip of Hungarian social media personality Gabriella Nyari? Gabriella’s videos are trending on social media platforms, and netizens in the Philippines were seen searching for them. 

Gabriella’s followers on digital media increased after she started posting regular modeling photos and videos of her on the platform. Gabagtha Original Video Twitter write-up will discuss the reason for her viral video and share details of the famous YouTuber.

Disclaimer: The content in this post is based on internet research and is not for promotional activity.

Why is Gabriella Nyari Video getting Viral?

Gabriella Nyari became famous on a social media platform for her modeling photography, including pin-up and bikini-type photos. She gained many followers on her social media account by posting modeling photos and reels regularly.

Recently some indecent photos and the star in a bikini got leaked. Netizens in the Philippines were seen searching for it. #gabagtha is also trending on Twitter, and people post several videos of her in this thread.

Instagram Star Gabriella Nyari Wiki:

The young YouTuber joined social media sites in 2016 and has gained a lot of followers in the last six years. Some facts related to the star are mentioned below for her fans.

Name  Gabriella Nyari 
Famous Name  Gabagtha
Date of birth  3rd November 1994
Profession  Social media personality, Modelling
Age  28
Birthplace  Hungary
Nationality  Hungarian
Gender  Female
Birth Sign  Scorpio
Source of Income Social media sites and Modelling
Marital status  Single
Ethnicity  Not available 
Parents Detail  Not available
In the news for  Viral video
Hair Color Not available
Weight  Not available

Gabagtha Video Viral On Reddit:

Gabriel’s video also started circulating on Reddit as netizens posted various links and videos related to her. Most of the links on Reddit take users to another platform with no real video or photo that is getting viral. Some websites take internet users to other promotional sites that appear to be scam sites.

We could not find the original link of the Gabagtha viral video on Reddit, and most posts are mere fake links. It appears that Reddit has removed the original content of Gabriel’s viral video. The video may have contained photos and videos that are only suitable for some viewers.

Gabriel Viral Videos on Telegram:

We found no viral videos or photos of social media star Gabriel on Some photos and videos of her may be getting circulated in private space.

Gabagtha Net Worth:

Gabriel generates income from social media sites and modeling. According to some media reports, Gabagtha’s net worth is around $ 5 million. 

Social Media Links:


Gabriel is a famous Hungarian social media personality whose leaked video went viral, but its original link is unavailable on most sites. Have you watched Gabagtha’s original viral video? Please comment.  

Gabagtha Original Video Twitter: FAQs

Q.1    What is the real name of social media star Gabagtha?

           Gabagtha’s original name is Gabriella Nyari.

Q.2   How many followers Gabriella has on

        She has 569K followers on

Q.3   What is the Gabagtha country of origin?

        Gabagtha is a social media personality from Hungary.

Q.4   What videos and photos are posted by Gabriella on her social media account?

         She mostly posts photos and videos of modeling that are pin-up and bikini-style.

Q.5   What is Gabriella Nyari’s net worth?

          Gabriella Nyari has a net worth between $1 million and 5 million.

Q.6    Is Gabriella Nyari also famous on Tiktok?

          Yes, Gabagtha has many followers on

Q.7   What is the age of Gabriella Nyari?

         Gabriella is 28 years old model and YouTuber.

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