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Fusion Heroes Token (Aug 2021) Price, & How To Buy?

Please read this account to gain knowledge about the Fusion Heroes Token, including its price and purchase procedure & get more guidance before you invest.

Cryptocurrency and gaming have together taken the ideologies in the marketplace to another level. What was unimaginable even a few decades back has become a promising reality today. Crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world, including the Philippines, are skillfully experimenting with and exploring play-to-earn crypto games and receiving rewards successfully. 

In today’s write-up, we have talked about yet another crypto game and its native token, the Fusion Heroes Token. Please read this account to get complete information about this initiative. 

What Is Fusion Heroes?

Fusion Heroes is a crypto game based on the blockchain of Binance Smart Chain. The game involves fights between the Fusion Heroes in The Gates to save the Earth against The Fallen Heroes. 

The former are named ‘fusion’ as they belong to another planet called Neos. The players must collect Infinity Stones and specific elements like Helmet, Footwear, and Sword to combat and enhance their power. The elements also enable the gamer to collect the native Fusion Heroes Token, continuing to the next Gates. 

Founder of Fusion Heroes

We were unable to find any data concerning the founders of this token on the Web. 

Price of the Fusion Heroes Coin

At present, the price of the FSH token is $5.77. 

Fusion Heroes Coin Supply / Market Supply

Please find below the statistical information related to this crypto coin. 

  • Market Cap Rank – Unavailable
  • Market Cap – Unknown
  • 24-hour Trading Volume – $354,477
  • 24h Low / 24h High – $5.02 / $7.93
  • 7d Low / 7d High – $5.19 / $8.13
  • All-Time High – $8.30 (Obtained on 24 August 2021. This is a vital figure regarding the Fusion Heroes Token).
  • All-Time Low – $5.02 (Obtained on 24 August 2021).
  • Circulating Supply – Unknown
  • Total Supply – 1,000,000 FSH

How To Buy the Fusion Heroes Coins?

One can buy the subject tokens from Pancakeswap that recently added this coin in its listing. Please find the step-by-step method below for purchasing the FSH tokens. 

  • Create your account in the Binance platform upon completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) procedures. 
  • Buy some BNB, i.e., Binance coins, to initiate your transaction.
  • Visit the Pancakeswap portal and agree to their terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox.
  • Connect a Binance-compatible wallet such as MetaMask.
  • In the ‘Exchange’ menu, choose FSH, the ticker of the Fusion Heroes Token
  • Mention the number of tokens for finalizing the purchase.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the smart contract address of this crypto token?

A1. The smart contract address of the FSH coin is 0x0d77e65f231ab6214492498788cdd9441dd0ce72 on Bsc Scan. 

Q2. Where can I play this game?

A2. You can play Fusion Heroes on their official portal, whose address is https://fusionheroes.io/.

Q3. What are the different elements that I have to collect to earn the FSH tokens?

A3. The element items you have to gather for proceeding in this game are Armor, Sword, Footwear, Gauntlet, and Helmet.  

Q4. What is the current price of the Fusion Heroes Token?

A4. The present cost of this crypto-coin is $5.77.

Q5. Is this game available on social media?

A5. Yes. You can find the latest information about this game, and its token on Telegram, Medium, Discord, Twitter, and Gitbook. 


The subject game is newly released, and as per its tokenomics, the owners have claimed to lock 150,000 tokens at a monthly rate of 10% for one year. You can view the FSH token’s prediction  to be informed about its latest information. We would suggest the investors indulge in the Fusion Heroes Token after scrutinizing the current statistical data and the Bitcoin Scammer List 2021 to stay protected. 

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