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Fusd Precio (October 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares details about the new Crypto platform, the live Fusd Precio, for the investors.

Every day, a new Crypto coin is launched in the highly volatile market of the Crypto marketplace. The Fantom USD Token is, for example, a new coin that is making news amongst the investors in Venezuela, Spain, and Argentina

The token has been launched by the Fantom platform, which aims to provide technology by combining decentralization, security and scalability. In addition, the platform focuses on developing diverse parts of the open network and working closely with partners to support the adoption of the technology. 

People who want to invest and be a part of the platform need to buy FUSD. But, they want to know the Fusd Precio.

What is Fusd Token?

FUSD Token is the native and official digital currency of the Blockchain platform, Fantom. It aims to build a highly scalable and secured Blockchain ecosystem where the official digital currency can be used.

The platform is focused on offering the latest technology to blend decentralization, security and scalability. The official consensus is compatible with the Ether Virtual Machine and Cosmos SDK that lets users use it in the network that suits them the best. 

It allows users to use Smart Contracts and enables them to port the Ether dApps over the FUSD. So, if you are interested in buying the official currency, please know the live Fusd Precio before investing.

Who are the Founders?

As per the coin’s website, the CEO and CIO of the platform are Michael Kong and the DEFi Architect is Andre Cronje and David Richardson serves as the Director of the platform. Quan Nguyen is the CTO, and Jakub Stepanik is the Head of Enterprise Solutions. 

You may visit its official website to learn about the other team members that are backing the platform and the official currency. The token has 4841 holders worldwide, and it has registered over 723 688 transfers until today.

Live Market Capitalization, Supply and Fusd Precio

As per the online sources, the live price of FUSD is $0.691715, and it has registered a decline of 9% in the last 24 hrs. In addition, $51 657 is the volume of trading in the last 24 hrs. And, a decline of 9.25% is recorded in the last 24 hrs. 

#5176 is the ranking of the coin in the Crypto market, based on the present market capitalization of the token. Unfortunately, the live market cap data and fully diluted market capitalization data of the token is unknown.  

As you know the live Fusd Precio, let us know the total circulating supply of the token, i.e., 43 003 536.728559 FUSD. Unfortunately, we don’t know the highest supply of the token.

Methods to Purchase Fusd

  • Create and sign-up with the trusted wallet online
  • Link it to the exchange and add ETH using the fiat-currency
  • Find the token using the contract address 0xad84341756bf337f5a0164515b1f6f993d194e1f
  • Check the live price of the token 
  • The price keeps fluctuating, and hence you must check the live Fusd Precio before buying
  • Enter the number of coins you want to buy
  • Swap ETH for FUSD and hold it securely 


Q1. What is the Official Link FUSD?

A1. Investors can gather details about the platform at https://fantom.foundation/defi/

Q2. Which Contract Address Do You Have to Use?

A2. The right contract address to use to buy the token is 0xad84341756bf337f5a0164515b1f6f993d194e1f


Hopefully, you are aware of the token and the live price, which is important before investing. Ensure to check it before investing as Fusd Precio is subject to fluctuation because of the high volatility rate of the Crypto marketplace.    

But, you must learn about the Best Apps to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary online frauds and stay secured. 

Do you invest in the FUSD? How much profit have you made? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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