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Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures: Check Complete Details On Actress Here

This article highlights Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures and discusses her life, career, and Funeral de Conchita Velasco.

The internet was thronged with news surrounding the sad demise of the renowned actress, television presenter, and singer from Spain. As per sources, Concepcion Velasco Varona, also popularly known as Conchita Velasco, breathed her last on 02 December 2023. The fans and film fraternity are saddened by her demise and sharing condolences on social media sites.

Hashtag of Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures and details are currently trending online. Thus, we will give you complete insight into the celebrity in this article. In addition, we will elaborate further in the coming sections.

More Information on Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures

Before we move forward with what happened to Conchita Velasco, we will provide a small gist about who the celebrity is and detail more information about the star. Born as Concepcion Velasco Varona was born on 29 November 1939. She had an enormous career spanning over six glorious decades.

More Information on Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures

Over the years, the Spanish actress won many awards, including two national theatre awards presented by the Ministry of Culture in Spain. These were awarded to her in 1972 and 2016, respectively.

In the coming sections, we will highlight more on trending Funeral de Conchita Velasco and take our readers through her journey. So, continue to stay through the entire article and learn more about the veteran actress.

When is Funeral de Conchita Velasco to be held?

Conchita Velasco rose to popularity for her performances across various genres. Her famous contributions to the industry include Red Cross Girls from 1958 and Beyond the Garden from 1996. In addition, she has starred in television shows such as Teresa de Jesus and Gran Hotel in association with various networks.

When is Funeral de Conchita Velasco to be held

As per sources, the industry lost a glorious legend on Saturday, 02 December 2023, at the age of 84 years. She is survived by her two children. Furthermore, according to sources, the Funeral de Conchita Velasco will be held in Madrid. It will be attended by many known personalities from the fraternity who will be present to pay homage to the veteran actress and television presenter.

A few unknown facts about Conchita Velasco

A few unknown facts about Conchita Velasco

  • Conchita was married to Paco Marsho in 1977. The couple separated in 2005.
  • She also worked as a flamenco dancer along with Manolo Caracol. In addition, she was a revue dancer who starred along with Celia Gamez.
  • She began her glorious career in cinema at the young age of 15 years as a supporting actress.
  • Her first project as a leading actress was Red Cross Girls.
  • The Funeral de Conchita Velasco was held on Sunday, 03 December 2023, at Valladolid in Madrid.
  • The procession of her last journey began at 11.15 am and arrived at Calderon Theatre at noon.

More information on Concha Velasco’s funeral rites

As per sources, the veteran Spanish actress breathed her last on 02 December 2023. Her last funeral rites were held on 03 December 2023. It was officiated by Luis Arguello – the Archbishop. Her funeral was attended by many people from the industry, along with close friends and family.

More information on Concha Velasco’s funeral rites

Besides, several screens were mounted across the area for people to get a final glimpse of the actress. She is survived by her children Manuel and Paco, who were with her during her last years. The procession also included her brother Manolo, niece Manuela, and grandson Samuel.

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Is Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures out?

Is Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures out

The internet was thronged with pictures from the veteran actress’s funeral on Sunday, 03 December. The fans could get a glimpse of their favorite star. In addition, fans could also view some emotional moments throughout the ceremony. It occurred when Manuel, the eldest son of Conchita Velasco, dedicated a few loving words in her glory.

Furthermore, the veteran actress’s brother also spoke with her Europa Press, showcasing his sadness at losing his sister. He paid gratitude and thanks to all those who joined them and for the response the family received from Conchita Velasco’s hometown.

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Final Conclusion

We hope this article provides complete information on Funeral Conchita Velasco Pictures. The pictures are available on social media and can be viewed by the audience. In addition, other social media sites are trending with hashtags showering condolences for the actress. To know more about the actress, click on this link. Please mention your take and response on the veteran actress’s life and funeral.

What will you want to say about the veteran actress? Shower her with your love in the comment section.

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