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Function X Price Prediction (Oct) Chart & How To Buy?

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Function X is among the top-ranked coins traded worldwide, including in the United States, using FX’s ticker symbol. FX token has multi uses and is actively traded on 14 markets currently.

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About Function X Crypto

The token is the governance coin for the project of Function X. You can use this token as collateral, vote, secure the core network, generate synthetic assets delegate, and more.

Since 2019 Function X token is present in Ethereum and Function X from 2021. Fx can be entirely interoperated while maintaining a fixed total supply and liquidity; further holders can send FX outside the blockchain.

You can get more details by visiting its official website. We found Function X Price Prediction is the most searched keyword in the United States.

Function X Founder and Team Details 

Function X coin’s overall project and concept is designed and published by Zac Cheah in 2018 On October 10. David Ben Kay is the president. 

Current Price of Function X Crypto

The current Function X price is $1.48 with a trading volume of $14,40,86,542 for 24-hour. In the past 24 hours, Function X is up by 18.27%. 

Function X Tokenomics and Other Statistics

  • Market Cap: $605,546,016
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $2,806,010,251
  • Market Rank: #122
  • Circulating Supply: 408,520,357.00 FX
  • Max Supply: 1,893,022,625
  • Total Supply: 408,520,357
  • Trading Volume: $144,086,541.91
  • Price Change: $0.225
  • 24 hour high/24 hour low: $1.22 / $1.79
  • 7 days high/7 days low: $0.6759 / $2.03
  • All-time high: $2.29 (Aug 30, 2021)
  • All time low: $0.03259 (Mar 13, 2020)

Function X Price Prediction Chart 

Walk through the below chart to know the estimated value of Function X in the coming years.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2021 0.79 0.84
2022 1.13 1.37
2023 1.66 1.98
2024 2.51 2.94
2025 3.65 4.41
2026 5.41 6.37
2027 7.54 9.49
2028 10.65 13.47

How to Buy Function X token?

  • Register on any fiat to the money exchange platform.
  • Purchase prime coins like BTC or ETH using fiat money.
  • Since Function X is an altcoin, transfer BTC or ETH to altcoin exchange.
  • Deposit BTC or ETH to exchange.
  • And finally, trade the coin Function X.
  • Make sure you know Function X Price Prediction and correct Contract Address “0x8c15ef5b4b21951d50e53e4fbda8298ffad25057” before trading the coin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Function X?

A1. The official website of Function X is https://functionx.io/

Q2. Which is the topmost platform to buy Function X token?

A2. Currently, Upbit, ZT, Coinbase Exchange, KuCoin, and Gate.io are the active exchange to buy Function X.

Q3. Is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes! It is present on Coinmarketcap 

Q4. What will the price of Function X in 2030 be?

A4. It is estimated that Function X Price Prediction as $27.74.


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