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Function X Crypto (Oct 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Have you seen tokens like Function X Crypto used to combine traditional and decentralized markets? If not, then go through this post.

Are you searching for a token that might help you to secure your core network? Then let us help you with this article. 

The trading of Cryptocurrencies has evolved in recent years with several benefits, including the potential of higher benefits. Also, it allows users to protect their accounts from transaction fraud. Moreover, it is seen that investors of France, and the United States trade in cryptocurrencies to store and grow their value.  

So let us determine the worthiness of Function X Crypto along with highlighting some of their utilities. 

Introducing Function X Coin

$FX is the governance token that you can use in Function X projects. Moreover, this token is accessible in Function X from 2021, but earlier, it was present in Ethereum in 2020. In addition, the users can transfer this token to both platforms, maintaining its liquidity and total supply. 

The users are allowed to vote, secure their networks through this token. However, it will upgrade its features to generate assets and collateral in the later period. 

Who is the Founder of Function X Crypto

They have team members that are dedicated to their job of humanizing blockchain technology. Moreover, some peers of FX token are:

Co-workers  Designation 
David Ben Kay President
Yoshiyuki Yamamoto Council Member
Yos Adiguna Ginting

Utilities of FX 

Factors  Description 
Uniting traditional and decentralized market  The traditional financial products are presented by FX to produce decentralized systems and products.
Community support They help in sharing different opinions beneficial to the users, ensuring overall development. However, the developers aim to increase the network’s strength. 
Collaborating Ethereum with others   Function X Crypto utilizes various ecosystems, including Ethereum, to increase their market value rather than competing with it. 
Offering multi and gross-chain FX promotes cross-chain amongst FX chains and other chains. However, by utilizing decentralized validators, they provide low transaction costs and high transaction speed. 

Token’s Live Price 

For today, the live price of the token is $1.52; however, it possesses a market cap of $621,460,528 and the total supply of 408,520,357. Now, we will discuss the token’s statistical data. 

Total Supply and Other Statistical Data

  • The max supply of this token is 1,893,022,625.
  • The all-time high of Function X Crypto is $2.29.
  • It has a 24-hour volume of $149,054,114.
  • The 7-day low of the token is $0.6759.
  • The token’s market rank is #120.
  • The circulating supply of FX is 408,520,357.00 FX.
  • Token’s fully diluted market cap is $2,879,755,733.
  • The 7-day high of this token is $2.03.
  • The total supply of the token is 408,520,357.
  • Token’s all-time low is $0.03259.

How can Worldwide Investors Gain This Token?

The top exchanges for Function X Crypto are ZT, Gate.i.o., Coinbase Exchange, Upbit, and KuCoin.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Official Website of Function X?

A1. https://functionx.io is the official website of the token.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of FX?

A2. The contract address of FX is 0x8c15ef5b4b21951d50e53e4fbda8298ffad25057.

Q3. How to buy this token?

A3. If you wish to buy this token, you can exchange them through KuCoin, Upbit, Coin Exchange, ZT, Gate.i.o., etc. Visit here for more about the coin

Final Talk

In this article, we have learned about Function X Crypto and its founder’s name. In addition, the token’s utilities, including increasing revenue through the collaboration of Etheruem and other chain systems, are explained in the post. 

This post has shed light on the live price of this token with its other statistical data. Also, the top exchanges for the token, including KuCoin, are evaluated in the write-up. 

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