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Frpn Token Price {April} Explore Pre-Sale Buying Guide!

This research will guide the readers on the market supply, Frpn Token Price, pre-sale details, and other specifications related to this token.

Have you ever invested in cryptocurrencies? If you are new to this field and do not know about the newly launched Token Frpn, this post will help you know about it. Many people in the United States want detailed information on Frpn Token Price. This token is decentralized, and many people are unaware of its price and other specifications. 

So, here is a detailed post to clear the people’s doubts and know about this token price. Kindly have a look at this post.

About FirePin Token

Firepin Token is a newly launched token based on $FRPN. Moreover, it is like other decentralized tokens, and Metaverse Dao supports this protocol. The main aim of this token is to invest the treasury funds collected through the users on NFT Game, Metaverse VR Games, etc. They aim to produce profitable treasury through fund allocation. It is a good platform for investors.

Specifications based on Frpn Token Price

  • $FRPN is going to be a reserve currency based on BNB. This token will utilize the Algorithmic Reserve Currency that helps maintain the price stability.
  • This token is available on pre-sale as the developers have enabled multiple phases for the users who want to buy the token in pre-sale. This benefits the investors as well as the developers.
  • This token focuses on the Community instead of an individual. This is a group of bright individuals who are serving to promote a bright future.
  • They believe in Community, trust, and openness to establish longevity.

Market Supply of Firepin token

  • Pre-Sale Frpn Token Price: 0.000067 (USD)
  • Token Allocation Pre-sale: 30%
  • Total token available for Pre-sale: 30,000,000,000 FRPN
  • The first phase of sale: 15%
  • Token Supply: 100 BILLION $FRPN

Phases of Pre-sale

This section will include the details on the different phases in which the token will be available to the buyers. This is important to know as the buyers cannot buy the token on any day of their choice, but they have to follow the dates set by the developers.

  • Pre-Sale Phase 1: March 4, 2022-April 15, 2022
  • Pre-Sale Phase 2: April 15, 2022-May 13, 2022
  • As Per Frpn Token Price, Pre-Sale Phase 3: May 13, 2022-May 27, 2022

Founders of Frpn Token

Many new investors are keenly interested in knowing about the developers. But, currently, no update has been made. As soon as we reach such information, we will provide all the details here.

How To Buy?

Currently, Frpn Token is not trading on any platform. Its pre-sale has started. The steps to buy pre-sale token are:

  • You need to click on the pre-sale link mention on the official website.
  • Register yourself by adding your name, nationality, and other credentials. 
  • And you can purchase Frpn in pre-sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Firepin token’s trading volume?

Ans. Currently, this token is not trading. Thereore, exact Frpn Token Price is not known. The trading on Crypto exchange has not started yet. 

Q2. How many total tokens are available for pre-sale?

Ans. For now, 30,000,000,000 FRPN tokens are available for Pre-sale.


This token pre-sale aware the readers of its details and price information. However, it is a new token, so its market supply and statistics are unavailable. Also, it is not trading on any crypto platform. Hence, as soon as the details will be updated, we will display all the information here. Till then, kindly search this link to visit the official website of Frpn Token.  

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