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Fromis_9 Car Accident {June} Explore Complete Incident!

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Are you a fan of Fromis 9? Do you know about their latest album? Fromis 9 is a well-known Korean girls’ group. Fromis 9 has a huge fan base from countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States. The latest mini-album was set to release on 27 June 2022, Monday. Recently, five members of the group were involved in a car accident.

So, in this article, we will tell you about the Fromis_9 Car Accident.

Fromis 9 accident

According to online sources, five of the nine members of the Fromis 9 group were involved in a car accident. Fromis 9 group was set to release “from our momento box,” their latest mini-album. Although the album will be released on 27 June, the media and fan showcase scheduled on the same day will not proceed.

The members are not seriously injured. However, the doctor has advised them to refrain from physical activities. There is no fracture or serious injuries reported by the doctor. However, injured members are advised to get medical treatment for bruises and muscle pain. 

Fromis_9 Members

Fromis 9 is a popular girls’ group that has released many albums and songs. With thr growing popularity of Korean songs and K drama, many groups are popular for dance and songs. Fromis 9 is famous for K-pop, Teen Pop, and Synthpop songs. There are nine members in the group.

These nine members include Lee Chae-young, Roh Ji-sun, Lee Sae-rom, Lee Seo-Yeon, Jang Gyu-ri, Song Ha-young, Park Ji-won, Lee Na-gyung, and one more Baek Ji-Heon. Among these girls, five girls, including Song Hayoung, Lee Seoyeon, Park Jiwon, Baek Jiheon, and Lee Chaeyoung, were involved in the Fromis_9 Car Accident and received minor injuries.

Accident Fromis 9 latest news

On Saturday, 25 June, five members of the Fromis 9 group met in a car accident. Fortunately, none of the members has received fatal injuries. There are minor bruises and muscle pain, but no serious injury is reported. The release date of the song will be the same on 27 June 2022. 

The fan and media showcase has been canceled. The members are currently at rest and not practicing any physical activity. It is unclear whether the injured member will be performing the choreography for the upcoming promotion. Fromis_9 Car Accident is trending on various social media platforms. Many fans were curious to know about their accident and the release of their album.


Wrapping up the post here, the article will provide information on the accident of the famous girls’ group Fromis 9. Five members of the group got injured in a car accident. There are no serious injuries noted to the members. The album will be released on 27 June 2022. The stage choreography for the promotion is not clear. You can visit this link to know more about Fromis 9.

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