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Frisco Fair 2023 Shooting: Check Gunshots at Frisco Fair Dates 2023 News Here!

The below post will discuss the Frisco Fair 2023 Shooting and how many people were killed in the incident.

Have you ever heard about the Frisco Fair in Texas? Did you attend the fair? What are the highlights of the fair? Are you there at the time of the Shooting at Frisco Fair, United States? There was a fair in Texas where a shooting incident happened. Many of you may hear what happened in Frisco, but only a few know the exact details.

Many people heard about the incident verbally, so here are all the details of the Frisco Fair 2023 Shooting; kindly read it till the end.


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What happened at the Frisco Fair?

On Saturday night at the Frisco Fair, Police arrested two people. These two were suspects in a gunfire shot that happened in 2005. According to the reports, Police arrested these suspects at the Fresco Dog Park, resulting in the death of one person. 

The Police also made another arrest at the restaurant in San Francisco. Therefore there are a total of three suspects who have been arrested at the Frisco Fair, and one was dead. 

Further details of the Shooting at the Frisco Fair

Two people accused of killing a man were arrested in Frisco on the weekend. According to the reports, a man killed another guy on Wednesday. He killed that guy at the apartment complex in the Frisco neighbourhood. 

This gunfire incident involved four people who had a dispute that led to the injury of two people. Then on 5th March at approximately 5:17 p.m. Police came to know about the incident. They received a phone call about the incident. 

Timings of the Frisco Fair

The most awaited Frisco Fair would be from Mondays to Thursdays, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Then on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., while on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Frisco Fair News Details 

The Friso fair started on Monday with exciting games, carnival rides, food, and art. In 2021 the event attended a remarkable 100000 visitors, and in 2022, it was the only public event in North Texas after COVID. Therefore, authorities expect more people, so they double the rides. Now there are 80 rides, including the fair’s Ferris wheel, rollercoaster and many others.  

Who was killed in the Frisco Fair?

In the Shooting, a student was killed while another was injured at an apartment complex in Frisco. Per police reports, 19-year-old suspects were charged with a felony concerning the Frisco Fair Gunshots. Moreover, the Police also ordered that Artis Ray Martin be taken into police custody.  

Artis Ray Martin would be taken into custody in connection with the Shooting that happened on Friday at Stewart Creek Apartments in the 7500 block of Stonebrook Parkway.

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One student has been killed at the Frisco Fair in a gunfire shot. The Police suspect that two suspects in the 2005 murder case were at the fair. However, further investment is still going on.

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Frisco Fair 2023 Shooting– FAQs

Q1. How many people were killed in the Frisco Fair 2023 shooting?

Ans. A man was killed in the Frisco Fair 2023 shooting. 

Q2. Is anyone injured in this shooting incident?

Ans. Yes, there is one man who was injured in the shooting incident.  

Q3. What is the venue of the Frisco Fair 2023? 

Ans. The fair is at Frisco Fresh Market, 9215 John W. Elliott Dr, Frisco, TX, United States. 

Q4. Was the person killed a suspect?

Ans. We are not confirmed yet. 

Q5. Does the Police find the murder suspect at the Frisco Fair?

Ans. Yes, they found the murder suspect at the Frisco Fair.

Q6. What are the Frisco Fair Dates 2023

Ans. The fair will start on 28th April and end up on 14th May. 

Q7. Why does this shooting happen?

Ans. The incident happened because the Police were looking for the suspect in a murder case. 

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