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Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March {April} Read It!

This article offers details about a viral text message scam, the Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March offer.

How often do you run into scams and fraudulent websites on the internet? The internet is a very productive place, and there is not much that users can’t do here, but it can also be quite tricky and unsafe for users who don’t exercise some caution in their activities on the internet. 

Lately, a scam message is going around that states Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March, and we’ll discuss it in more detail.

People from United States and other nearby regions are pretty curious to know more about the details about its legitimacy. Continue reading this write-up to get more information.

What is this scam message? 

This scam targets Verizon users and sends them a message that their bill for March is already paid. The message also contains a link asking users to click on it to get a gift. Many users have reported receiving such messages, which have been labeled fraudulent.

The Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message Scam

  • Many Verizon users have reported getting similar messages. 
  • This text message contains a fraudulent and risky link that isn’t safe to open.
  • It redirects users to a website where they are informed that they stand to win an Apple Watch Series 7 because they’ve been a Loyal Verizon customers and have always paid their bills in time.
  • The website claims that users must participate in a survey and answer some questions to get the rewards.
  • The website offers another link for this survey.
  • On this Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March website, users are also asked to hurriedly complete the survey as the time to claim this reward may run out.

The legitimacy of Paid Bill Scam

  • Let’s discuss the details of the legitimacy of this text message and other details.
  • This text message is highly likely to be a scam, and we advise against clicking on it.
  • Verizon has also confirmed that they’re not offering any such rewards to its users. They have also confirmed that these messages are scams and the link is not trustworthy.
  • Scams like this trendy Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message are pretty common where scammers claim to be a well-known company and ask users for sensitive details.
  • Believing them to be official websites, users often give away their official information on such websites.
  • It’s always considered good practice not to enter personal or sensitive details on any website without verifying that it’s official.

Final Thoughts                   

Some users are getting text messages from scammers pretending to be from Verizon. These messages ask them to click on fraudulent links to get some rewards. This text message is not legitimate. 

Read more about the scam here

Have you also received the Free Message Your Bill Is Paid For March text? Do express your thoughts on this scam.

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