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Freddie Flintoff Crash Video: What Happened To Him? Know More About His Wife, Face Accident, Height

What Happened to Freddie Flintoff Crash Video Accident? Who is his Wife? What is his Height & Instagram handle?

Where is Freddie Flintoff Crash Video? Who is Freddie Flintoff? What is his real name? What does Flintoff do? What happened to Freddie Flintoff? Fans from the United KingdomAustralia, and the United States were concerned for Freddie Flintoff after his accident news. Now, he has made an appearance and opened up about the accident. Let us read the details here. 

Freddie Flintoff Crash Video

Andrew Flintoff, popularly known as Freddie, is a former Cricketer and former captain of the England Cricket team. Last year, in December, Andrew had a severe accident while he was shooting with ‘Top Gear.’ It took him months to recover from the accident.

Freddie Flintoff Face Accident in 2022, and 9th September 2023 was the first time he openly spoke about it. He told everyone that those few months were the toughest in his life. And the people he gained during cricket were the ones standing beside him. 

What Happened to Flintoff? 

Andrew was filming a car review for Top Gear. He was wearing a helmet, but his face was severely injured. He also broke his ribs and experienced near-death injuries. His facial injury marks were visible when he joined the current England team in September.

Freddie Flintoff Wife, Rachel, and his son expressed that he was lucky to be alive. What exactly happened at the filming is not clear. Andrew is not a member of the coaching team of England. But he joined a few fielding drills before England played with New Zealand in Cardiff. He handed the cap to Tom Hartley and gave a small emotional speech. 

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Freddie Flintoff Height & More

Andrew is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, or he is 193 m tall. Andrew was born in Preston on 6th December 1977. He is currently 45 years old, and he is right now recovering from an accident. He made his cricket debut in 1998 in Test cricket. 

We will also provide Freddie Flintoff Instagram details later in the article. He retired from all formats of cricket in 2010 but returned in 2014 to play the T20 cricket format. He played a few leagues of cricket. English Cricket Board has released the video of Flintoff speaking about his accident recently. Thus, this topic is trending.  

Freddie Flintoff Instagram & social media 

Instagram Account:

Flintoff has 1 million followers and a verified account. 

Twitter Account:

On Twitter, Flintoff has 1.9 million followers. 

Facebook Account:

Andrew has more than 86 thousand followers on his Facebook account. 

He is not active on social media. Most of his posts are almost a year old. Freddie Flintoff Wife is Rachel Wools, and they got married in 2005. He has written many Autobiographies and took part in documentaries. He talked about a lot of things. For talking about his eatingr, it was a stigma. He has more than 6 autobiographies. 


This article on Freddie Flintoff Face Accident has talked about a former cricketer and captain of the England cricket team, Andrew Flintoff. In December 2022, he met with a life-threatening accident. He is still recovering from it. In September 2023, he joined the England cricket team during fielding drills. It was his first public appearance after the accident. He spoke about his experience. For more details about Andrew Flintoff, click here.

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Disclaimer: The video of Andrew’s car crash is not available on the internet. 

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