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Francis Zuber Full Video: Who Is Francis? What Did Francis Zuber and Ian Steger Say? Check How Did He Rescue Snowboarder

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Do you want to know about Francis Zuber? Are you eager to know about what happened to Francis? If so, read the article till the end. A video of saving a snowboarder has gone viral. People across Canada and the United States are reacting to the video.

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Why is Francis Zuber Viral?

The praiseworthy act Francis has made him popular recently. Because he has saved a snowboarder, Ian Steger, from the heavy pile of snow, the snowboarder felt suffocated when he went under the snow due to the avalanche. Fortunately, he was noticed by Zuber, who dug him out of the snow. Francis was skiing in the snow, and then he noticed the snowboarder. The skier Zuber dug out the face first so that he could breathe. Later, his whole body was dug out of the snow. Thus Francis Zuber Rescued the snowboarder.

Reactions of the People

People praised Zuber for saving the life of a snowboarder. He rescued the snowboarder at the right time. Otherwise, he would have lost his life. People are addressing Zuber as an actual hero. People have admitted that Zuber was aware of the situation and acted accordingly. He was also able to communicate with the victim well before rescuing him. People added that he deserves salutation as he saved a life due to his common sense. The quick thinking ability and calmness of Zuber have helped the victim to get a new life.

Francis Zuber Full Video

People share the video of rescuing the victim across social media platforms. They are excited to see the full video. They are sharing the links. The video shows the rescuer’s courage and the victim’s belief in the rescuer. Some people have got Goosebumps after watching the video. Even some of them have become emotional. People praise Zuber for his courage and situational awareness. The video shows how Zuber rescued the snowboarder. Now, both of them have united and are explaining the whole situation. The incident of Francis Zuber and Ian Steger compelled the people to admit that humanity still exists.

What did Francis and Ian Say?

Francis and Ian have explained how they responded to each other in that situation. Zuber caught a little flash of red which he found weird. He felt that something was not right. Francis shouted and called Ian but did not get any response. Ian also revealed he did not hear anything that Francis said to him. Stager only could hear his breathing. It was noticed in the video that Francis asked Ian if he was okay. Francis said that he was going to rescue Ian. Francis Zuber Full Video has opened the eyes of many people. They discuss the dangerous situations one can face while snowboarding on ice. Moreover, the incident between Francis and Ian has made people aware that such a situation can happen to anyone. Therefore, people should be careful while skating on the ice.

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The video of Francis rescuing Ian has expressed many things. It has taught humanity and kindness. The video has also taught us how to react in a dangerous situation and rescue someone in danger. To know more, please visit the link

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Francis Zuber Full Video-FAQs

Q1. Who has saved the snowboarder?

Francis Zuber.

Q2. What is the name of the victim?

Ian Steger.

Q3. Who is Francis?

A Skier.

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