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Foxden Capital Scam: Is Foxden Capital Legit? Read Detailed Foxden Capital Reviews Here

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The FoxDen Capital LLC was registered on 29th/January/2023 under the FoxDen umbrella in the United States. Since its incorporation, the company has progressed well under leadership of Todd Alan Denton, the owner and CEO of the business. Several online sources reported that he stepped down from position in 2021. 

There have been rumors about Foxden Capital fraud in recent days. So, would you like to analyze if Foxden Capital Scam is true?

About FoxDen Capital scam:

FoxDen was incorporated earlier than FoxDen Capital. The parent company is in several business verticals, including healthcare, recreation, technology, food services, hospitality, sports sectors, and finance. FoxDen Capital was set up as part of a business with registration number 6761309. 

You may come across several registered entities and registration numbers for FoxDen, which is common as it deals with several businesses and NAICS. Similarly, there is no official website for Foxden Capital. A website name is unrelated to this business, as it is a parking domain.

Is Foxden Capital Legit? is the only official and publicly accessible website. But, it only deals with FoxDen’s hospitality services, including travel, vacation, and recreational services. It indicates that FoxDen is a legitimate business. Furthermore, the profile of FoxDen Capital LLC is available on LinkedIn.

FoxDen Capital was found to be extensively active on job sites recently, suggesting that it is expanding in remote customer service. However, due to no website or resources to evaluate the services of FoxDen Capital, its legitimacy is undetermined.

Foxden Capital Reviews:

No customer posted reviews or rating about FoxDen Capital. No customer acknowledges receiving authentic services from FoxDen Capital. More than 15 website reviews about FoxDen Capital spoke about its parent company FoxDen only and concluded positively.

Social media links:


The performance,working capital,assets,liabilities,balance sheet,and P&L statement of FoxDen Capital were not published by the company or by any analytical websites. LinkedIn pages of FoxDen Capital refrained from publishing contact details. Only the address of FoxDen’s head office was specified. It is known that FoxDen’s parent company seems legitimate. We leave it to you to decide on the legitimacy of FoxDen Capital. 

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Foxden Capital Scam – FAQ

1Q. What is the address mentioned for FoxDen Capital?

1400 Kirk Road – Suite 100, Little Rock, AR-72223, which is the same as the address of FoxDen Hospitality.

2Q. What business does FoxDen Capital deal with?

The online sources suggest that FoxDen Capital finances the construction business, which involves capital between one million to 5+ million. The status of its current project – Pediatrics Plus Facility, indicates financing 7,900 SF construction. However, FoxDen Capital was registered as an investment company.

3Q. What is the size of the employee base at FoxDen Capital?

Between 11 employees to less than 50 employees.

4Q. Are there any Foxden Capital Scam reported by investors?


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