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Found Car Buried in Atherton: Check Police Latest Updates On Car Found Buried in Atherton Backyard

The article contains information about Found Car Buried in Atherton, and the mysteries unfolded about the case. Follow for more articles.

While working on the backyard of Atherton property, an old convertible Mercedes Benz was found buried about five to six feet deep in the backyard of a rich million-dollar mansion.

Are you wondering why a car can be buried at the back of a multi-million-dollar mansion? Do you think this case is suspicious? Did you know everybody in the United States was talking about this happening? Stick to our article till the end about Found Car Buried in Atherton. You will find it amazing, for sure.


What was about the buried car on Atherton’s property?

On Thursday, while the landscapers were working in the backyard of Atherton property on Stockbridge Avenue, they found something buried deep inside, which was told to the police officials.

After some investigation, police unfold some of the mysteries they found about the car. They stated that the car seemed to be a Mercedes Benz from the early 90s filled with many concrete bags. When seen in the Palo Alto police record, it was believed that the car was stolen in 1992. It was said that the Car Found Buried in Backyard had no vehicle identification number issued when it got stolen, so police officials didn’t have its VIN details.

The mayor of Atherton, Rick DeGolia, stated that he was waiting for the DMV records so that some information about the car could be retrieved, and they have confirmed that the records were taken out from the archive records. You can check this statement and news for more information,

Many questions arose as the mansion owners found themselves to be quite wealthy, and they wouldn’t stoop low to steal. 

Found Car Buried in Atherton– can it be related to some death?

Well, it can’t be said now as no solid proof was found, but police brought cadaver dogs at around 11 in the morning to find out some clue as they react strongly to human flesh or other things due to their strong sensing power.

Cadaver dogs have been hit two times, and the police officials were saying that the dogs might be reacting to human remains like blood, bones or something like that. It is still excavated as police have taken out about half of the passenger seat, but no human signs were found there.

Car Found Buried in Atherton Backyard– neighbour’s reactions:

Neighbours were not happy with the excavation process as it disturbed them too, and it might be related to a crime scene, too, so they were not feeling comfortable.

One neighbour who lives a few doors ahead of the house said it looked creepy, and he couldn’t imagine all this happening in his neighbourhood.

Another neighbour said that the police were talking about the car getting stolen in the 90s, and at that time, some other owner lived in the house, and he knew them. You can check out this link for their reactions described above.

Found Car Buried in Atherton– additional information about the case:

  • Police said that it was possible that the owner might be dead, and they were looking for the DMV records.
  • The police came to the scene around 9:00 in the morning at 300 blocks of Stockbridge Avenue.
  • The neighbours were unhappy with the happenings and said many things about the exaction, like a Netflix series.
  • The previous owner was said to have a bad record of crime.


An old Mercedes Benz was found with bags of unused concrete filled in it, and the excavation process was still going on to find more about the Found Car Buried in Atherton. For more information about the excavation of the car, you can visit this video link,.

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Found Car Buried in Atherton -FAQs:

Q.1 What Is the car model that was found buried in Atherton?

It is a convertible Mercedes Benz.

Q.2 What is the car filled with?

The car was filled with unused concrete bags.

Q.3 What was the location of the buried car?

In the backyard of the Atherton on Stockbridge Avenue.

Q.4 What is the name of the mayor of Atherton?

Rick DeGolia.

Q.5 What was the cadaver dog’s reaction to the Found Car Buried in Atherton?

They react two times to something.

Q.6 what are the things found inside the car?

Unused concrete sacks were found inside the car.

Q.7 what are peoples saying about the previous owner?

It is said that the previous owner has a bad record in crime and stealing.

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