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Fossils Last Stand Restaurant {May} Read People Opinions

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Have you been to Fossils last restaurant? Do you want to know its reviews? Fossils last stand is a restaurant in PA 18032, Catasauqua, United States. Recently, there was an argument between the restaurant’s owner and a cab driver. The video of the scene went viral on social media in Canada. People are publishing their views about the restaurant on social media and websites.

Let’s know about Fossils Last Stand Restaurant.

Brief On Fossils last stand

Fossil Last stand is a restaurant situated in Catasauqua. It is seventh among the eleven restaurants in that area. The latest reviews about the restaurant on Google are poor. The review section is filled with negative comments. The restaurant owners are facing negativity after their argument video went viral on social media.

The cab driver, Bode, posted a video on Facebook of a lady who booked the cab and said the driver seemed like a white man. Bode told her to repeat what she said. Jakie apologised, and the cab driver asked her to move out, after which the argument sparked.

Fossils Last Stand Pa Google Reviews

The latest Google reviews are not good. The restaurant got 3.6 ratings on Google. The review section is crowded with bad comments about the owner and the restaurant and has poor ratings. After the lady told the cab driver that he looked like a white man, Bode asked her to say it again. The lady, Jakie, replied that he looked same as a normal man. He speaks English.

Bode didn’t like what she said and asked her to leave. A man with a lady entered into the argument and started offending the cab driver. Later, the lady was identified as the owner of Fossil last stand. Fossils Last Stand Restaurant is facing several hurdles after this incident. The Google reviews on the restaurant have also declined.

Current status of Fossil last stand

Fossil last stand is currently open. Although people are posting dreadful comments on social media, the restaurant didn’t decide to close. The video went viral on numerous social platforms. People from different corners of the world have seen the video on social media and online websites.

Before the incident, there were mixed reviews about the restaurant. Some people liked the food but not the service, and some people didn’t like the food of Fossils Last Stand Restaurant. A bunch of people liked everything about the restaurant. But now, hardly any positive reviews can be found on the review sites and google. These details are as per online sources; we are not framed it.


The article is about the Fossil last stand restaurant. The post is explicit about the recent incident. There are numerous negative reviews found about the restaurant. After the lady in the video identified the restaurant owner, people made several speculations about her as a person. You can visit this link to know more about its reviews.

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