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Fortnite Gear Odm: Where Is It? Where to Find It in Fortnite & How to Use It? Check All Game Facts Here!

This write-up is associated with Fortnite Gear Odm to help the Epic Games’ players learn about a new feature, discovering it in the gameplay.

Did Epic games include a new feature? What’s the new feature of Epic Games? How to use the new feature? Many Epic Games users Worldwide are excited to know the new feature addition to the Epic Games.

People also want to know its complete details and how to use such features. Using the feature in Fortnite games is also searched by many players. Scroll and look into the information associated with Fortnite Gear Odm.



While sharing such occurrence, this post does not endorse it. We merely present the facts.

Is there a new feature for Fortnite games?

The all-new and fun-filled ODM Gear feature has been added to Fortnite in an additional Epic Games update on April 11, 2022.

The recently released wearable weapon in royale battle of Fortnite is called ODM Gear or Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. 

Where Is Odm Gear Fortnite?

 Thunder Spears or ODM Gear is accessible in a Scout Regiment Footlocker.. After the Fortnite timeout is over, you may play the gameplay and begin utilizing ODM Gear as well as begin pursuing the Attack on Titan combat ticket goodies. Besides, a few battle passes are there in the in-game item shop.

This mechanic-like weapon or armor will be recognizable to Attack on Titan’s anime fans. You can grasp in the air and hit enemies beneath if you have this equipment.

How to Use Odm Gear?

You only have to wander around the Island like you normally do in Fortnite to earn ODM Gear. The recently introduced item will be accessible “from the ground, Scout Regiment Footlockers, and Chests,” according to a guarantee made by Epic.

You can quickly jump again into the sky to begin grappling somewhere else following using the in-built blades to assault. Besides, you can launch or hover another assault.

Where to Find Odm Gear in Fortnite?

Bodil40, the YouTuber, purports to have located the ideal ODM Gear spot in Fortnite when you enjoy having a target in mind. A Scout Regiment Footlocker may be found in the Family Basement of Anvil Square’s Jaeger.

Is it the confirmed location of ODM Gear?

While we cannot guarantee if there is an ODM Gear in this place currently, it appears as an ideal spot to initially to begin your hunt. ODM Gear must be easy to locate when you search there along with maintain a watch out throughout the island.

When you put your ODM Gear on, you can unleash a few powerful whirling strikes. Once more, the aforementioned video demonstrates it.

Quick wiki:

  • Gear name- ODM
  • Full name- Omni-Directional Mobility 
  • Used in the game- Fortnite
  • Location- Scout Regiment Footlockers Chests, and Ground
  • Designer of the gear- Angel Aaltonen

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Epic Games has recently released a new feature. Players have to hunt the new feature, locate it, and earn it in the Fortnite game. However, Levi doesn’t require updating his gear and he still uses the old one.

Could you discover ODM gear in Fortnite? Share the location of the gear you could discover in the gameplay. 

Fortnite Gear Odm: FAQs

Q1. Which feature was recently added to Epic Games?

ODM Gear

Q2. Where to use ODM Gear?

Fortnite game

Q3. Where to earn ODN gear?

You can earn ODM gear by wandering across the island.

Q4. How to discover ODM gear?

You can discover the ODM gear on the floor loot or inside regular chests.

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