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Forever FOMO Coin (Sep) Contract Address & Prediction!

Forever FOMO Coin post has most of the information sought by the crypto trader when investing in digital currency named forever Fomo.

There may be a lot of speculation about cryptocurrency in the market, and many people want to stay away from it for various reasons. The recent step by the Chinese government to ban its trading may deter the investors. 

According to World Bank, it’s the need of the world today, and in the long run, it may help alleviate poverty, which fiat currency was unable to do. To make people aware of the crypto coin in the United States, we are discussing Forever FOMO Coin, a token giving a high return.

What is Forever Fomo Token?

FOMO is known in the cryptocurrency market as “Fear of Missing Out”, it happens when an investor feels that he may miss a chance by not investing at a special price, thereby losing his opportunity to gain price. 

Forever is an elastic token that is sensitive to its price, and its supply will constantly adjust according to its rate, finally moving towards Bitcoin price. It is a Rebase coin that continuously changes its supply in 4 hour time period.

Forever FOMO Coin has also the intention of moving into the NFT marketplace in the next 30 days and its rebase nature may give a lot of profit to investors in a short time.

Who is the founder of Forever Fomo Crypto Currency?

Forever Fomo finance team is behind this token, and there is no information about its working team on the website. There are around 5000 members registered on telegram till now.

Forever Fomo Price, supply, market cap and other data:

Some of the essential data related to this rebase coin is given below; the developer has planned to launch this token in three phases, with the first being done on PCS.

  • Forever FOMO Coin current price is $.000363, which is around a 725 per cent point increase over the previous close.
  • Market rank: 2866
  • Market cap: Data not available
  • Holders: 8,222 address
  • Transfers: 74,883
  • Total supply: 6,646,387,585.001158
  • 24 hour volume: $2,273,392
  • 24 hour highest price: $.0003885
  • 24 hour lowest price: $.0003618
  • The circulating supply and maximum supply data are not available.

In the third phase of their launch, the developer will go for coin Market cap listing.

The Forever Fomo price prediction:

There is not much research done on the future price of this crypto coin, but the developer is banking on consistent price rebasing and hope that the token reaches the value of $1,500,000

How to buy Forever FOMO Coin?

This coin is available on the BSC chain, and people interested in buying it can do so on Pancakeswap exchange, a leading decentralized platform on Binance smart chain. One can follow the steps given below to buy Forever Fomo Cryptocurrency.

  • One can download the Metamask wallet extension for the browser or its app on the android platform.
  • Sign up for the Metamask wallet and open your account.
  • Since BNB will be swapped for Forever token, purchase the required BNB and send it to Metamask wallet.
  • Open Pancakeswap exchange and connect your wallet with the PCS exchange.
  • Exchange BNB for the number of given Forever FOMO Coin.


  • What is the website for Forever Cryptocurrency?
  • The website address for this coin is https://foreverfomo.finance/index.html.
  • On which exchange this coin is available at present?
  • It is active on BSC and can be purchased from the Pancakeswap exchange.
  • What is the contract address of this coin?

The contract address for this currency is 0x95637d4FbE7153dCc3E26E71bdE7a2D82621F083

Final verdict:

This coin is still in the launch stage on different exchanges, and nothing is known about the promoter and the team looking after this crypto project. 

However, there are chances of getting high returns, but new investors must do their research before putting their hard-earned money in Forever FOMO Coin.

Cryptocurrency investors can give their feedback about this rebasing coin in the comment section. Also check the best app for trading crypto currencies.

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