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Football Player Mississippi Dies – Cause of Death Is Cancer ? Explained Also Know Obituary, Funeral, Wiki !

This article shares complete details about the Football Player Mississippi Dies and further details on the coach’s statement. Follow our blog to know further.

Have you heard about the Mississippi player who has died in recent times? Are you aware of the cause of his death? If not, this blog is where you can find all the information. This Mississippi Athletic family was shattered after this tragic death. The news has gone viral in the United States.

In this article, we will cover entire details about the death of Sam Westmoreland and more about Football Player Mississippi Dies. For more details, follow the blog below.


Details on the death of Mississippi football player:

The sudden demise of the Mississippi football players has been pretty mournful for the Mississippi Athletic team. According to the reports, a young football player on Mississippi state football team starring Sam Westmoreland passed away in an unexpected incident on 19th October 2022. 

To discuss the reason behind his death the state football team has not revealed the cause of his death. However, investigations are going on to find out the fact of his death. Furthermore, Sam Westmoreland Football Player Mississippi Dies on Wednesday, as per the revelation made by the University.  

Who is Sam Westmoreland?

Sam Westmoreland was a football player on the Mississippi State football team. He used to play for the team as an offensive lineman. His date of birth of Sam is 21st October 2003. He was studying at Tupelo High School. Furthermore, he was also working as TNT Associate Editor.    

However, in recent times, he has lost his life in an unknown incident. He died on Wednesday, 19th October 2022. Sam Westmoreland, the Football Player Mississippi Dies when he was just 18 years old. After the incident, viral fans wanted to know the reason behind his death. However, no such disclosure was made by the Mississippi State football team. You can check out this link.

Information on Mississippi State Football team:

The entire family of the Mississippi State football team was devastated after the sudden death of their player starring, Sam Westmoreland. Mississippi State team is facing a hard time. However, they are expected to play a match against Alabama on Saturday. The team ranks No 24 in the country’s football team ranking.

After Football Player Mississippi Dies, the coach of the team starring Mike Leach came up with a statement. He stated that it had been a mournful situation for the entire team after the sudden death of Sam Westmoreland. He added that Sam was like their brother, teammate and son whom they can never forget. Sam will always be missed, as everyone loved him very much. Sam’s teammates shared many condolences and mournful posts after his death.

Sam Westmoreland details:

  • Real Name: Sam Westmoreland
  • Address: Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Age: 18
  • Birth date: 21st October 2003.
  • Death date: 19th October 2022.
  • Death reason: Not known
  • Played for: Mississippi State football team
  • Profession: TNT Associate Editor

Further details on Football Player Mississippi Dies:

The Mississippi football player starring Sam Westmoreland dies at just 18 on Wednesday. The reason behind his demise is still not revealed. To talk about his obituary, the obituary plans have also not been disclosed. The death news was informed by the University officials. 

As per the University, they are looking into the matter and trying to get to the exact cause of the incident. At the same time, the Oktibbeha county police officers are investigating on this incident.  


To know further details about Sam Westmoreland’s death incident, tap on this video link.

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Football Player Mississippi Dies: FAQ-

1 – What is the name of the Mississippi football player who died? 

Answer: The name of the Mississippi State football player who died recently is Sam Westmoreland.

2 – Where did Sam Westmoreland live?

Answer: Sam Westmoreland lived in Telus, Mississippi. 

3 – When did Sam Westmoreland die?

Answer: Sam Westmoreland died on 19th October 2022.

4 – What was the age of Sam Westmoreland?

Answer: Sam Westmoreland’s age was 18 years when he died.

5 – What is the name of the football he played?

Answer: He played for the Mississippi State football team as an offensive lineman.

6 – How did Football Player Mississippi Dies?

Answer: The reason for Sam Westmoreland death has not been disclosed.

7 – What was the name of the school for whom Sam Westmoreland played?

Answer: The name of the school for whom Sam Westmoreland played was Telus High School. 

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