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Folly Beach Bride Killed: Check Golf Cart Accident Latest News Update Now!

This post on Folly Beach Bride Killed informs readers about an incident that affected a newlywed couple, injuring one and killing the other.

Was the newlywed bride recently killed? What happened to the couple? Is the groom alive? People from the United States and other places are concerned about the newlywed couple after the news of the bride’s death circulated.

Ever since the news of a golf cart accident circulated, people have been concerned about the affected couple, specifically the bride. Read below and check out all about Folly Beach Bride Killed in this post.



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What happened in a golf cart accident?

Only after a few hours, when a couple exchanged vows on Friday, April 28, 2023, night, a groom was injured while the bride couldn’t survive the golf cart accident. As per Andrew Gilreath, the Public Safety Chief at Folly Beach, Jamie Komoroski, 25, allegedly crashed into the golf cart’s rear.

Folly Beach Bride Killed:

According to a GoFundMe post by Hutchinson’s mother, Samantha was driving a golf cart-styled automobile with Aric Hutchinson, her spouse, and two more people. At the same time, the motorist struck them, forcing their golf cart to shake multiple times.

The golf cart-like car, adorned with a “just married” and cans signature, “was fairly managed. She added that the vehicle was on the side,” Gilreath added. He claimed that despite first responders’ best efforts, Samantha passed away on the spot.

Was the couple identified?

Bobbi Jo O’Neal, Charleston County’s Coroner, identified the victim as Samantha Miller, 34, of Charlotte, North Carolina. Samantha experienced blunt force injury in the collision and Folly Beach Bride Killed. Besides, Aric Hutchinson, Samantha’s spouse, and his brother both sustained severe wounds and are still receiving medical attention. 

The golf cart was also carrying the nephew of the newlywed at the time of the incident. The family claims that Aric has undergone several surgical procedures. He has an extended path toward getting better, but it’s predicted that he will be fine. The two additional travelers are likewise making progress in their health.

What was the Family’s response to the bride’s sudden death?

Mandi Jenkins, Samantha’s sister, claimed the newlyweds were killed in a hit-and-run while returning to their Airbnb while Samantha remained in her wedding gown.

She mentioned she had never noticed her sister looking this good and extremely joyful. While trying to hold back tears, she remarked that a daughter, a sister, and a wife perished in her wedding attire since somebody made an awful choice about getting in the car.

Members of the family noticed the sirens while they were approaching. Jenkins claimed that her mother was aware instantly. She was unable to get it out of her head. She ran while holding her mother’s hand without any shoes, Jenkins remembered, screaming, “Sammy.”

Was the accused of a golf cart accident detained?

Police who arrived on the Folly Beach Bride Killed site reported witnessing a massive crash incident with a golf cart standing on the side and numerous victims scattered across the debris. At the center was Komoroski, who statements claimed had an intoxicating odor.

Komoroski, according to the police, had problems standing and was shaky on her feet. She was subsequently ordered to do a field test for sobriety. 

Was Komoroski detained after the golf cart accident?

After being detained, Komoroski got a blood test warrant. The resulting reports are still unknown. She was brought to the Detention Centre of Charleston County, where she currently faces numerous accusations, notably felony DUI three counts, causing death or severe bodily injury.

Based on the court documents, Komoroski has a record of citations linked to speed driving.

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The newlywed bride, who recently died, was traveling in that golf cart after she left with her spouse after their marriage celebrations. As reported by the Chief, Jamie was moving at a speed of roughly sixty-five miles per hour. But, only twenty-five miles per hour is the permitted speed.

Did you see the happy moments of the bride who recently died? Share how to stop intoxicated drivers from riding on the roads.

Folly Beach Bride Killed: FAQs

Q1. Who experienced a golf cart accident?

A newlywed couple

Q2. Who died in the golf cart accident?

The bride

Q3. How old was the bride at the time of the accident?

34 years

Q4. What was the reason behind the golf cart accident?

A couple experienced an accident after an intoxicated driver hit their golf-styled automobile. 

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