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DOT Biennial updates are mandatory for all fleet operators in the United States. Did you know that DOT Biennial updates must be filed every two years, depending on the month specified in DOT number? However, several websites acted as middlemen for filing DOT Biennial updates. Let’s check about Scam.

The legitimacy of was registered in the Capital Region of Iceland on 21st/August/2021. It is a 2-years and 9-days old website. It was updated 1-month and 8-days ago on 22nd/July/2023. has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within the next 11-months and 23-days on 21st/August/2024. gained an average of 67%↑ trust, 58.6%↑ business, 28%↑ suspicion, 6%↓ threat, 1%↓ phishing, 2%↓ spam, 6%↓ malware scores, 4,052,304↓ Alexa ranking, and 1/100↓ Domain Authority. is not blacklisted and uses a valid HTTPS protocol, considered to check Is Legitimate?

Its IP has valid Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 290-days. Registrar of, NameCheap Inc, is popular among scammers. Pantheon from the USA is its ISP provider. The identity and contact details of Fmcsaupdate’s owner, administrator, and technical team are censored using the paid privacy services of

About is an old website that helps file US DOT Biennial updates. It provides nationwide public record-filling support and assistance. is an NGO owned by Western Compliance Group (WCG), which receives fees from the government for its services.

About Scam:

The official FMCSA website is used to file US DOT Biennial updates, and it is free. FMCSA does not authorize other websites, including, for such services. But, several websites, including, offer filing services. FMCSA does not endorse any website to charge fleet operators for filing an update. Hence, is possibly a scam.

The features of

In 2023, has a YTD visitor count of 4.1K, with an audience browsing an average of 2.42 pages within an average visit duration of 00:03:06 and a bounce rate of 4.41%, accounted to check Scam. has an average of 15 visitors monthly from the USA, yielding a $0 traffic value. has a load time of 818 milliseconds, with a 76% C-performance grade. relays its services using server serial chain number 7d5b5126b476ba11db74160bbc530da7 and 3972443af922b751d7d36c10dd313595 targeting,,,,, and

The physical address of is 1000 North West Street,Suite 1200,Wilmington,DE-19801. However, the address does not show the office of Western Compliance Group on the map. The customer service email for is, and the contact number is (302) 830-3910.

Customer Scam reviews: does not support customer reviews on its platform. Six website reviews about were neutral. Click here to learn about credit card scams, as no individual fleet operator or customer posted any reviews or ratings about on social media or customer review websites. No fleet operator acknowledged receiving genuine services from

Social media links:

  • is not present on social media and does not mention any social media links.
  • Live chat support is featured on
  • does not support blogging.
  • Trustedrevie

Conclusion: originated in a high-risk country. is not entirely legitimate website and answered about Scam. Even after 2-years from its launch, gained average trust, business scores, and a considerable suspicion profile. Click here to learn about the Trust Index. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as the low business ranking and considerable suspicion score suggest that is unsafe for financial transactions. 

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