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Florida Pastor Scandal: Explore The Name Of Pastor Who Kills His Wife, What People At Jobs Says, Also Check Pastor Scandal Details From Reddit, And Twitter

This post on Florida Pastor Scandal will give you a clarification on the scandal that involves a father and son from Florida. So, kindly read.

Have you heard about Pastor Scandal of Covid funds? Who was involved in this scandal? People have started raising questions about the pastor of the United States on the covid relief funds. Florida Pastor Scandal will show you details on this covid relief funds scandal. If you are unaware of this scandal, then kindly read this post thoroughly and know what happened and how was this scandal executed. 


Covid Relief Fund Scandal by Florida’s Pastor

A Christian pastor was arrested along with his son for falsely collecting funds from the general public in the name of covid relief support. Around $8 million fund was collected by both of them. But, not even a single penny was used to help covid survivors. The arrest took place on Wednesday. It was a cruel act as using the money for personal purposes in the name of public welfare is a crime.

Florida Pastor Kills Wife

There is another update on Florida Pastor who killed his wife. As per online sources, the couple argued a day before when the lady was killed. Tommey, the victim, was killed by his husband outside his workplace at a bank. Ofori was arrested on the charge of murdering his wife. Further, Tommey’s sister had shown evidence to the cops where Ofori can be seen threatening her wife and warning her. 

The eyewitnesses also claimed that when the bank was about to open at 9 a.m., they had seen Tommey coming towards Ofori while he was holding a revolver. He had shot her at once. People at Jobs confirmed the authenticity of the complete scenario.

Are the Florida Pastor’s scandal and wife’s murder news the same?

No, the updates are entirely different from one another. The first information was on Florida’s pastor who had fraudulently collected money from the public in the name of covid relief support but used it to buy a home near Disney Land.

The second update belonged to the Pastor of Florida who had killed his wife early morning. People are confused because both the updates belong to Florida and the incidents are related to pastors of Florida.

We hope that you are clear with the updates on Florida Pastor. 

News Trending on Reddit

Both the news is trending on social media sites. People are searching for information but they might get perplexed while searching. These are two distinct news. So, you can search accordingly to your interest. However, social sites have shared all details of these incidents. 


Summing up this post, the audience who are perplexed about these two incidents can get clarification via this post. You can get updates on Pastor Scandal here.

Are your doubts about these two incidents clear? If not, then you can ask your queries by commenting in the section below.

Florida Pastor Scandal: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was involved in the covid relief scandal?

Ans. A pastor in Florida and his son were involved in this scandal. Their identities were disclosed as Joshua and Evan Edwards.

Q2. What is another update on Florida Pastor?

Ans. A Florida Pastor had shot his wife at the bank early morning. 

Q3. How much money did the father and son collect fraudulently?

Ans. They collected around $8 million in the name of covid relief support.

Q4. Are the father and son arrested for fraud?

Ans. Yes, they are under custody. 

Q5. Which platforms shared the scandal updates?

Ans. Every social media site like Twitter, Reddit, etc covered this update.

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